How to Build a Startup & Understanding Venture Capital
Mark Suster

Being a startup founder && an IFMGA Mountain Guide, I find the analogy very interesting. But not 100% correct. A founder, in my opinion, should first of all have a strong and clear vision for the “peak”; without that, it would be very easy to lose the motivation once the expedition has started.

I agree that, once on the mountain, you then have to focus only on the next steps and get the right acclimatization before going on: basecamp first, camp 1, camp 2 and so forth.

And you have to be lean and be able to change itinerary if you find a crevasse in front of you or any other unexpected obstacle.

But without the peak in mind, without a strong and deep passion and motivation for the mountain you chose, all the pain and the efforts that everybody is expected to encounter on the way to the summit, will make you turn back down soon.

Somebody used to say (sorry for the translation): “There are no unclimbable peaks….just people that are not able to climb them”.

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