8 Paleo Diet Myths

8 Paleo Diet Myths

If you’re here you probably heard about paleo. Today we live in a world where our access to information is incredible. But it’s really easy to get confused when you face the popular media and many misinformation occur when it comes to paleo. Below you fill find the most popular paleo diet myths.

Paleo diet is expensive

First, the myth about paleo diet being expensive may be somewhat true. Yes, you may spend more money on meat, vegetables and fruits, but your medical bill will drastically decrease. You spend in one field but you gain a lot in another field. You can always shop local and buy in bulk to get discounts. At the end of the day which one do you value more, your money or your health?

Paleo requires spending a lot of time in the kitchen preparing meals

Second, you have to spend certain time in the kitchen if you want to eat healthiy, but you certainly don’t have to spend A LOT OF TIME in the kitchen preparing your paleo meals. As I’ve mentioned in the other articles, the really great benefit of the paleo diet is that the diet itself is really adaptive to your needs. There are a lot of meals that are easy and quick to prepare, snacks on the go and so on, click here and here for more paleo recipes.

The hardest part is giving up on the favorite snacks, sweets, alcohol, etc.

The reality is that you have to give up something in ANY diet. Yes you will have to throw out waffles and bread, chips, but you have a great variety of foods you can choose from when you’re on the paleo diet. A variety you rarely get in other diets.

Paleo diet is high in protein and therefore is bad for your kidneys and health

This is completely not true due to the fact that most of the paleo diet is based on vegetables. And the only time you’re restricted in consuming certain amount of protein is when you have a kidney disease. And this leads us to the fifth myth.

Paleo diet is all meat diet

The fourth myth elaborated more on paleo diet being based around 50–60% on vegetables which means the myth about paleo diet being all meat is completely false and not true.

The paleo diet is like every other low carb diet

This myth is definitely not true, actually paleo encourages healthy carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes and fruits, especially for those who are exercising and living a healthy lifestyle.

You won’t get enough calcium with Paleo

It’s true that your body needs calcium especially for your teeth health and bones. But, cows now days are pumped with hormones which means the milk is filled with toxins. Luckily the cows are not the only source of getting calcium. You can get it from various other plant sources such as spinach and cabbage, kelp, dulse, collard greens and mustard greens, turnip greens, kale, olives, dates, nut butters, dates.

For a full list of paleo diet foods, click here.

Eating too many eggs will increase your cholesterol

When you’re on Paleo, you’ll be eating a lot of eggs because eggs are the healthiest non processed source of protein out there. One of the many over blown paleo diet myths. Eating too many eggs will increase you bad cholesterol and therefore increase the chance of heart disease. You’ve probably heard that from your parents and the mainstream media. A scientific research that claims that if you eat eggs up to three times a day , your good cholesterol increases, click here to see the scientific proof.

Those were the most popular paleo diet myths.

Paleo diet is really a great way to improve your health and live a better live and the will to change your bad habits for a better future is extremely important as well.

Also if you have any questions feel free to comment below!

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