The Day I Met My Best Friend

It’s almost 2 years since I last wrote about anything so disclaimer ….. I tend to write as if am talking. I am also guest blogging so I feel very special and this is one of the many so don’t be disappointed at the end of this.

18th June 2015 I will never forget this day because this is the day I met this girl.

See, we had met before through a friend but it’s on this day that she became my friend. We met over wine and talked about our work and everything that had been going on in our lives.

We both had just gotten some very exciting job offers and we were excited about the future.

I was trying to get out of a very painful relationship and I learnt she was single. I always wanted to be close to her but had never gotten a chance so this was my opportunity to be her friend.

Movies, dates, gifts we grew close so fast. Most of my friends liked her, they never like anyone.

She always dressed up for our dates and I would show up in my t-shirts and jeans (I still show up in my tees and jeans but this is will stop at some point, I hope) and we would talk and laugh and have wine.

Fast forward, I was moving into a new place and I invited her to come for my house party and at one point that night we had a MOMENT.

As you will learn in my coming series of posts, this moment is the single reason why I have been so happy and so in love with this girl. This moment changed my life. This moment and memory I will carry with me forever.