I heart Tewahdo Monasteries — pt 2

The Monastery project is going well so far; we have meeting Sunday. The idea agenda is to present the fundraising ideas our team has already generated and package me for the board to review.

My submission is simple. Build a donation page that calls the users to donate $2 a month, or more if they want. The idea is to make it nice and easy on the pockets, something that you wouldn’t think about unregistering.

So the progress on building it is nonexistent because I don’t want to build something that isn’t yet approved, BUT, I am sketching out the site design. I want it to be a one-page hit with a very simple and clear call to action “Donate $2 a month”.

I believe as soon as you ask someone to pay or donate they logically think “is this a trusted source.” The solution? Include a couple testimonial videos of famous clergy and layman so that the user can feel safe making a donation. After the testimonials will be the mission statement since they might want to know more about the project. Last but not least will be the contact us, in case they wish to speak to anyone. God willing there’ll be more to come soon.

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