I heart Tewahdo Monasteries — pt 1

I’ve been given a project. It’s like the fantastic 4 except we’re 5. Abo Keshi Yared, D Shimondi, Rezene, Ruta and I. The project is to generate income for the Tewahdo Monasteries of Eritrea. I was attending the conference and all of the sudden they called my name. It’s like a lottery and I was hoping I didn’t get chosen for anything. I’m not trying to be humble. I hate long distance projects. God is good, all the time, so I held my peace and said “maybe there’s a way to work on this slowly and by myself.”

That didn’t end up being the case but it did turn out really well. We’re all submitting our own ideas on how to fund raise. Which is great because no one has to step on anyone’s feet and we can all excel at what we’re good at. This is proper collaboration where the initiative is given to the individual and the individual is empowered and the group serves as a forum for feedback and review.

I think we try and become good at what we like more than we try and become good at what is naturally our God given gift.

We don’t know ourselves because it’s hard to see yourself. Others actually do a better job at assessing us; at least at some things. I was playing Soccer last Saturday and the game ended 7–6 us. I was excited we got to win at the last minute. We got scored on 4 times in the second half. Why? Because we all switched positions and it was hard build a working system of good offense and defense. Everyone wanted to play in the position they liked and not in the position they were best at.

God doesn’t create anything ugly, we just don’t use things properly. In that case I should never do my own thinking or do my own planning or do my own hair or do my own dressing or do my own anything since I there is a perfect way to do anything but no one knows how to do anything perfectly. Who can walk perfectly, talk perfectly, think perfectly, breath perfectly, sleep perfectly, love perfectly, sing perfectly, design perfectly. Don’t be so quick to say I do because the more you know about something the more you realize how much you don’t know. So sleeping perfectly might sound easy but it’s only because we don’t know much about sleep whereas if you’re in the creative field and know a lot about design you would admit that you have never made a perfect design yet struggle daily to achieve it.

We’re so bad at so many things and only really good at a handful of things. You think you can play basketball until you watch Jordan. You think you’re fit until you walk in the gym. You think you’re smart until you join a focus group. You think your design work is amazing until you see this guy’s stuff; by the way I love his work. You think you’re spiritual until you read the lives of the Saints. I think this is why we Pray “Thy Will be done…”. He’s the Master Designer and Engineer of all things.

I thought this was about the Monastery Project? It is. I have to find a way to contribute in my own way, to understand myself by submitting to God and finding the best design for my life. A life design if you will. Design isn’t limited to paper and pencil; there’s Thought Design, Chrono Design etc.

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