I’m drawing again

I use to draw when I was younger and stopped some time after College (CCAD). I guess it was because I was on the computer so much trying to learn the tools. I never realized that the s0ul and mind are the engines of creativity and that the greatest canvas for creative work is the heart and the mind then the paper and dead last the computer.

Drawing is such a powerful art. It’s therapeutic, it’s relaxing, it’s contemplative, it’s really many things.I’ve been having trouble keeping the work that I do and this is really both with drawing and writing. So here’s the scenario, I start a notebook and write 7 fantastic pages worth of stuff and then switch subjects and that notebook is no longer useful because I have no idea what I’m using it for. Same thing with a sketch book. I dedicate a sketch book to one project or one category and all of a sudden I digress and that notebook gets rendered useless.

The Solution, I’m writing on a three-ring-binder. I take pages out that I want to keep them and simply pull out pages that belong in another three-ring-binder or in the trash. It’s not a cool three-ring-binder, neither is the monitor stand that I’m using but designing a solution doesn’t need to be pretty it just needs to solve a problem. The problem, in case you were wondering, was that I realized I was looking down at my monitor and that caused a little bit of pain on my neck. Multiply that times 25 years, LORD Willing, and I’m going to look like a turtle. Just fix stuff and don’t worry so much. It’s a sin to worry, you know that right.

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