On Productivity — My Schedule (so far)

Chronos Design, Life engineering, call it what you want. Design is not limited to paper & pencil, time can also be designed and there are a lot of variables that go into designing it. When to Pray, when to do work, when to exercise, when to eat, when to sleep. Then comes the, how to Pray, how to work, how to exercise, how to eat, how to sleep and believe it or not, how to walk. Apparently, 21 century man has even forgotten how to walk properly. Look up barefoot living; it’s rather inspiring and strange, my kind of stuff.

Work hours:
6:00–7:00 / wake up, Pray, run,shower
7:00–8:00 / psalms, plan the day (using a non-digital planner)
8:00–11:00 / work for 25min at a time with a 7min psalms walk in between
11:00–12:00 / creative, draw, write
12:00–1:00 / lunch with physical people — leave the desk
1:00–3:00 / research, wrap up work, prepare for next day

Evening hours:
3:30–5:00 / spiritual readings
5:00–6:00 / dinner with family
6:00–8:00 / exercise time — hike, run, soccer, volleyball
8:00–10:00 / light snack — fruits, bagel. Pray & bed

Each person is different. I think the goal should be to understand yourself and to create a system that works for you. The goal of 21 century living, at least for me, is living well. Nothing destroys a spiritual life faster than an unclean car and undone laundry and that, being a fundamental part of life, can only be “not done” when the soul is out of whack. If you are unfaithful in the least how can you be faithful in the greater things. Not my words. Plan your day and life because if you fail to plan you plan to fail.