When you’re just not feeling it…

What do you do when you’re just not feeling it? When you don’t feel like working. When you don’t feel like reading or doing anything productive? Well, that’s how I felt today. I hope I’m not the only one that feels this way? I don’t believe I am.

For me, when the wave is over I guess it’s better to accept that it’s over and go grab another wave of awesomeness. My wave of awesomeness last week was the readings of Abune Selama Kesate Birhan, amazing History and Miracles. I learned that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and that when the Holy Spirit dwells in you all your prayers are heard and everything jells. I also learned about the 5 dogs, namely Adultery, Murder, Sorcery, False Testimony (lying) and Theft. I learned how when these, especially Adultery enter the temple it causes prayers not to be heard; Such a terrible consequence. It’s like a boat tied to the dock, there’s no use in paddling. It’s like being employed but not being paid.

By the way, I got a job at Columbus State College teaching Flash I & Flash II. I’m really thankful to God for that opportunity. I’m sure it’s going to be an adventure.

So, back to when the wave is up. Have a healthy list of things you can do until the next wave comes because it always comes. Trust me it always comes. We’re not so different from nature that goes through its seasons. You can’t be forcing seasons to change you just have to use the season appropriately; design it well. We’re not machines, we’re humans and we’re children of God, children of light, beings that are composed of a body a mind and a soul. That’s a very complicated being but someone designed it so at least He has the blueprint.

Also, St Anthony said that discernment is a very powerful virtue and so always discern what is needed and necessary for the battle. I might have work listed on my schedule but if I need to talk to someone or go jogging or Pray or journal or laugh or cry or be still or get lost in a game of chess or play a prank on my wife or read an amazing story of a saint or swim or pick up a new recipe book or schedule some time off for vacation. It’s good to keep an eye on the bigger picture. What’s being built is a City of God and it won’t be built over night so win the small battles as well as the 50,000 man wars. They’re both equally important.

Time for a walk & psalms.

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