Democracy Reading List: Corruption, Companionship, and Lawrence Lessig’s “Republic, Lost”
It’s the Democracy…

Thanks so much for writing this piece about both your journey and Lawrence Lessig’s Republic Lost. It’s amazing how defeatist people can still be when we’ve had 27 constitutional amendments in our past and we are clearly reaching the tipping point. But people need not feel despondent, we are getting to a tipping point and that is why thousands of us are joining together for Democracy Spring and Democracy Awakening in DC this April.

We are going to win this, because we are all sick of the ever increasing amounts of money in politics, we see the influence it buys. And it’s even becoming one of the key elements of the 2016 Presidential race

The movement is vast and growing — and yet before this past year it received scant media attention. Author and journalist John Nichols called it “America’s most dynamic (yet under-covered) movement.” Understandably, corporate media see no value in giving oxygen to a movement whose success would cut into their bottom lines. Les Moonves, President of CBS, put it very simply: “[S]uper-PACS may be bad for America, but they’re very good for CBS.” The media silence slows the progression of the movement, not only by denying disaffected Americans the knowledge of the movement’s existence, but also by keeping people working on this issue isolated from one another, reinforcing the false notion they are toiling alone.

So join us in April and come together in public — in Congress’ backyard to speak up about why you want to take our democracy back from the highest bidders. People power is stronger than money power.

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