Don’t be that person that doesn’t use Snapchat Filters for your Wedding in 2017

Don’t forget that cream on top

The same way you don’t want to forget the #wedding, #celebration or #JamesAndKylie when you post your photos on Facebook and Instagram. You don’t want to forget creating the Custom Snapchat Filter, it makes it so much more interactive and fun! I would put it in the same category as other major important things you need to make in order to have a successful wedding, but who am I to judge your wedding? All I want to accomplish through this post is to reach people that are about to have a wedding or to have it in the near future and I want them to know about this. Very cheap way to make the people on the wedding more interactive which will result in a more fun celebration/wedding.

Thank you for reading, please share to let people know! This is still very new, be an early bird ;)

Here’s a example on how a Filter can look.