Colleen Dagg and Summer Cortts: are they real?

You already seen this: some days ago, a young lady from Florida became an internet hero after a video of her punching a bloody racist became viral. Being a journalist, I'm always very skeptical about anything, so I started to look after for some information about this America new internet hero.

I went to the first place where people go to get information these days and googled for "Colleen Dagg". All results were from the last 5 days, which is absolutely normal when it comes to Google relevance algorithm. But I wanted more than this, so I limited the results with that time range filter, searching for results posted between 01/01/2015 and 07/31/2017. The number of results for "colleen dagg"? Zero. Naught. None.

Then I had a look at her Instagram and Twitter profiles. Both were created in the first days of august 2017. Both have few posts, some following and tons of followers. She doesn't have a facebook profile.

So, our new hero is a 23 year old girl from Florida without any record on the internet older than a month.

Being a journalist I also looked to the other side, the racist pregnant white woman called Summer Cortts". Googled the name and the results were all posted in the last 5 days. Put the time range filter and found any record of any "Summer Cortts". Just as Colleen Dagg.

I'm not suggesting anything here because I have more important things to do other than googleing for a hair-pulling girly fight in the US. I leave this to American politics journalists. This is their job. I only recommend all of you to be more skeptical and critical on what you see on the internet these days.