FinBlocks hires new team

Chris Hancock, founder of FinBlocks has pulled together an international team of experts from around the world to start on the strategic and design phase of the project.

The team has been pulled together with a design and product led approach but also extensive Blockchain experience. The system will interface with users via a very easy to use administration interface and clients will integrate using an API which will be very developer friendly.

Good design principles and usability will help ensure that the product has clear differentiators to competitors whilst having all the BlockChain capability at the same time. Clear reconciliation screens will help minimise human error whilst also ensuring that system managers can work in a highly effective way.

When the platform is operational, additional team members will be hired and predominantly be based in London thus giving easier access to global markets and client base.

Simon Rae who is leading the product design has an array of experience when it comes to financial software design and will be adopting a user centered design approach to the software whilst recognising the importance of the overall BlockChain system architecture.

The initial version of the software aims to be built and tested by the end of the year with an initial client onboarded. An agile and iterative approach to the software is being adopted to ensure that the capability can be tested with the market as the system development progresses.