Initial design concept developed

The following has been delivered as part of the strategy and specification phase of the project:

1 — Front end user interface designs
2 — Clickable wireframe specification
3 — Functional software requirements
4 — Architecture specification
5 — API integration specification

The initial software design has been completed through the development of a front end specification and set of wireframes. This specification is annotated with clear use cases and descriptions of functionality for the engineering team.

Each use case and requirement will be prioritised into an agile sprint to ensure the engineering team can deliver the software effectively. The next phase is to build the front end designs into HTML pages which can then be integrated with the software.

A first iteration of the technical architecture has been designed. The key decision with the design of this system is to use a framework called Corda. R3 Corda is a bank backed blockchain project that allows the relatively easy deployment of a ‘Private’ BlockChain. Corda is a Java based system and therefore the remainder of the system is likely to be built in Java.

The API interface for clients is a key component of the software and this has also now been specified with a clearly defined set of end points to allow FinBlock clients to easily integrate. A decision needs to be made around card payments and how these are facilitated on the initial version of the system.

The system design will continually improve through a highly iterative approach and also ongoing market feedback and validation of features.