By: Alex Demitri, Daniel Richardson

At Edelman Financial Engines, we have a vast array of platforms and servers. Our infrastructure is rather elegant but at the same time complex, making the need for reliable replication paramount. …

By: Shashank Anumula, Amit Naik

At Financial Engines, we are big fans of AWS and the “Serverless Paradigm” where we do not have to provision servers, in the form of EC2 instances, in order to get all the benefits of the cloud, such as on-demand scaling and per-call pricing.


by Ivonne Roberts

AWS has announced support for SQS triggered events on AWS Lambda. For companies embracing a serverless architecture this opens up new possibilities for event-driven architecture, streamlining batch infrastructure and much more.

Before the feature launched, if you were a serverless shop that needed to process SQS messages…

By Shrikant Kathane


For a few years now, Financial Engines product engineering teams have been on the journey of migrating their applications and infrastructure from the on-premises data center to the AWS Cloud. Earlier this year, the Data Engineering team at Financial Engines successfully migrated the Enterprise Data Warehouse from…

By Ivonne Roberts

As you have probably noticed, debugging and getting latency data for your microservices can be painful if they interact with multiple distributed services. For these types of microservices, you are usually forced to build your own performance testing application, add an inordinate amount of log statements, or…

By Akila Balasubramanian

What is RestKit?

RestKit is an Objective-C framework that simplifies interaction with RESTful web services. It combines a clean, simple HTTP request/response API with a powerful object mapping system that reduces the amount of code you need to write to ‘get stuff done’. RestKit does a lot of the heavy-lifting…

By Paul Gibson


Financial Engines recently celebrated the 20th anniversary since the company was founded. Those two decades reflect our growth en route to becoming the largest registered investment advisor in the US.
During those same two decades the technology industry has changed profoundly and we have adjusted along the way…

By Ivonne Roberts

Take a spin around the technical universe, and you will see that serverless computing is all the rage these days. Serverless computing doesn’t mean that there are no servers running your code. In the most popular use of the word, it simply means that you, the developer…

By Fritzi Borja

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is changing the way engineers develop solutions. It is so easy to prototype and have a scalable architecture with very little hand holding from the Office of the CTO or Systems Engineers. This, in turn, fosters the DevOps culture within the organization.


By Craig LaSalle


circuit breaker

Building software is often compared to building homes, and in building a home you don’t let a faulty circuit burn down the house. Decades of learnings in the home building industry have shown that one small device, the circuit breaker, can protect an entire house.

Financial Engines…

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