The 56 year old clay giant

Happy Birthday Nigeria

56 year old….still

1. You appoint your leadership by using a policy that selects them from where their grandfather were born…under a so called Federal Character policy.

2. Your Presidental Air Fleet still has 9 private jets….. in a recession

3. You require a man, to physically sign a piece of paper called a Certificate of Occupancy to evidence a sale of land anyway in the country. …one man…physically sign… 2016.

4. You still have states that cannot pay salaries of their own state workers unless another state does commerce and credits FAAC….. (zombie states)

5. You cannot say defiantly how many citizens live in your land…you have conducted no credible census in 56 years….

But some successess

6. Your private sector is so active they created a brand new industry Nollywood, grew it by volume to become the second largest in the world, and employ the highest number of Nigerians…all without government support.

7. You have a home grown Nobel prize winner…

8. Your eradicated guinea worm. (Would have loved to add Polio)

9. You have a functional but limited by membership Pension scheme…

10. Distant memories but you delivered Africa first real soccer medal….(soccer is not a game in Africa )

Nigeria is a soap opera with brilliant actors but no plot…..

There is nothing structural that is designed to grow Nigeria…the British left us a railway linking North to South markets .. we are incapable of building a railway to connect two massive economic clusters in the West and East…in 56 years!!!!

Today after 56 years the problems the average Nigerian faces is Marslowish

1. Lack of water 
2..lack of food
3..lack of shelter
4. lack of security

We can do better…because we are better than this

Its our problem we can fix it


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