Developers Have A Sense Of Humor Too: Consensus + Token Summit Highlights

*please forgive typos and errors in the following as it was written hastily

The past few days have been full of activity in the Blockchain world — developers, businesspeople, investors and other enthusiasts came from throughout the globe to gather in New York City for two mega conferences:

First, Coindesk threw Consensus 2017, its three day annual conference. Next, the inaugural Token Summit was held. Over close to 5 days, we learned that developers have a sense of humor too. Here are some highlights:

  • I’m a developer and i’n not doing an ICO” — Running joke at Consensus
  • Hard Fork Cafe — tee worn by Zooko Wilcox of Zcash, Token Summit, a play on the Hard Fork of ethereum
Consensus Afterparty: The Bitcoin Podcast Guy
  • “Aesthetics are not a strong suit of the Tezos team” — Developer comment, Tezos demo, Token Summit
  • “What do you do when you allow users to vote on the future of a community when the majority could be wrong… look at Trump as President — Audience question regarding community voting power, Token Summit
  • “The “dumb money” is getting into it” — comment from Sid Kalla of Smith and Crown(regarding businesspeople’s interest in public blockchain at Consensus), Token Summit
  • “ I did these slides 10 days ago so horribly outdated” — Chris Burniske of Arkinvest regarding cryptos’ rapid change in value, Token Summit