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William Ryan
May 4, 2018 · 4 min read

Welcome AirTokeners! Here is a quick update on things that are happening here in a behind-the-scenes look at what has proved to be an exciting week. The team was excited to release the monthly engineering update earlier in the week, as we have been making significant progress in the lending platform development process. We would like to thank Dharma Protocol for providing a great platform for us to build upon. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read about exciting developments in the AirToken platform, you can read about it here.

Collision 2018: New Orleans

Collision Fintech Panel 2018

AirToken recently attended the Collision 2018 conference in New Orleans. Airfox was a featured startup at this event and our CEO & Co-Founder Victor Santos spoke and was part of a fintech panel showcasing fast growing companies disrupting the space. Also in attendance was our very own James Seibel (CTO) and Andrew Wang (Director of Operations).

In the panel, Victor describes Airfox as a financial services platform powered by the Ethereum network that has the potential to offer “financial inclusion” to nearly four billion people who do not have access to the financial services that we take for granted.

Victor talked about the “hybrid” ICO that Airfox ran, being the first venture-funded ICO in the United States. The company is now over three years old, and has established itself in the telecom and financial industry, being nominated for several awards since the ICO. We were honored to be among the “most favorited startups” for the event.

AirToken — Korean Community

We would like to take the time to thank our Korean community for being such strong supporters. One of the requests made by our members in our Kakao Talk channel was to have more content in the Korean language, so we have created an AirToken website for the Korean community. Stay tuned, as we would like to provide inclusion to all of our members from all across the globe. You can find the website here:

What’s happening in Brazil?!

We are excited to announce that AirToken is attending the conference VTEX Day which is a large event in Sao Paulo about ecommerce in Brazil. Their focus is to help bolster the economy and teach people new skills in ecommerce. Last year, over 10,000 people were in attendance, and an even greater number is expected this year. Katie Sedat, Pablo Bello, Cathy Melnikow, and Tiago Passinato will be meeting with potential strategic partners, marketing partners, and our vendors in Brazil; along with conducting focus groups, interviewing users, and running usability tests. We are also very excited to announce we will also be shooting testimonials, videos, and commercials in Brazil for Airfox, which we hope to release to you soon.

Blockchain Without Borders Summit 2018

Omeed and myself will be attending the Blockchain Without Borders Summit in New York City, and we would again like to extend our invitation for you to join us for lunch so that we can get to know you better! We want to involve the community in a meaningful way, and what better place than New York City? If you are interested in going, reach out to us on Telegram. The event will be jam packed with experts and other great projects in the space, and we hope to see you there! You can read more about the event here.

Want to know more? Stop by the official Telegram. We will be announcing more exciting news in the future! Next stop: NYC

Bill Ryan — AirToken Community Manager

William Ryan

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Community Manager. Friend. I have a strong passion for fintech, blockchain, philanthropy, and the great power of positive thinking

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