DBank Group Invests Finxeed with $10 Million in Strategic Investment

Global digital asset technology and service investment platform DBank Group invests Finxeed, a digital financial services provider to support its efforts in serving as a medium for participation in the new, borderless Web 3.0 economy with a technology-led and innovation-driven approach.

Finxeed’s strategy to achieve this overarching goal involves continuously expanding the coverage of digital financial services, promoting and facilitating the role of science and technology in businesses, and building upon new levels of high quality and sustainable development initiatives.

DBank Group has elected to invest USD $10 million in Finxeed for the purpose of promoting the Web 3.0 and blockchain industries. Since 2018, DBank Group has had blockchain basic services as their core business. Their focus lies in building a blockchain industrial ecosystem by integrating technology research and development, industrial research, investment, and information within an open platform.

Finxeed’s focus on establishing trust, creating financial accessibility, information security, big data, fund management, connectivity and accurate market information are in line with DBank Group’s principles, making it a worthy investment decision. DBank Group also supports Finxeed because they share a similar goal: to make the most of the possibilities that blockchain can offer.

Through their investment in Finxeed, DBank Group will be able to identify and train talented traders — they will also be able to derive significant, valuable market data in the long run. Overall, DBank Group believes that Finxeed can contribute to the advancement of the blockchain ecosystem and financial industry in general.

Businesses integrating with technology is an inevitable trend in the future development of the financial industry — Finxeed’s mission lies with presenting as the pioneers and trailblazers where the business, technology and finance sectors overlap.

Finxeed combines new technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, RBA robotics, as well as microservice operation and governance frameworks in its efforts. The goal is to promote the integrated development of business management and fintech, as well as to provide real time news updates in the cryptocurrency field.

Blending cutting edge technology into Finxeed’s approach helps increase the breadth and depth of the financial services that Finxeed offers. This also facilitates the exploration and promotion of digital transformation within the context of practical progress, ideas and countermeasures in the finance industry.

Only by outlining a clear blueprint for fintech-based digital economy development and combining it with a deep understanding of user needs and financial services innovation can fintech industry players truly take hold of the abundant opportunities available in the real economy.

Being an education services focused entity, Finxeed strives to empower individuals in their pursuit of trading knowledge and financial freedom using the cryptocurrency trading certification programme, STOT as a medium. With this initiative, Finxeed aims to discover and educate talented traders as well as foster awareness of cryptocurrency and build individual trading skills within a healthy trading talent pool as the academy for the traders.

Finxeed’s other initiatives include fund management, trading education courses, financial services and news media reporting. These comprehensive services represent their dedication to freedom of financial information.

STOT is creating an international fund based on retail traders — this offers a diversified portfolio to investors and helps traders on their path to financial independence. Traders interested in STOT will be subject to a unique two-step evaluation process, which consists of the STOT Challenge and verification of challenge results.

Upon successful completion of the evaluation, traders will receive a placement offer where they can remotely manage a real trading account with a balance of up to 200,000 USD. STOT participants are supported by resources such as education material and webinars, account analysis specialists, and performance coaches to ensure their success. They will also be able to access proprietary applications that help traders with market analysis, trading psychology, and journaling trades.

STOT’s benefits include a low, refundable cost to entry and up to 90% profit share, as well as a complimentary online course and STOT community membership. Successful STOT graduates will also receive a digital certificate from Finxeed and BCWEX as evidence of their training and commitment to professional growth. This certificate can help participants with career advancement, and employment opportunities might be provided for qualified traders.

About DBank Group

DBank Group is a digital asset technology and service investment platform established by Canadian famous Chinese financial expert Michael Su and other investment institutions. Since February 2018, DBank Group has earned strategic investment from 360 (overseas), Singapore’s Bit New Chain (BTN) Foundation and the Chicago Board of Trade consortium Great Lake Capital.

Registered in the Cayman Islands, DBank Group’s initiatives include the establishment of an exchange platform, digital assets wallet businesses, investment funds, and the development of asset trading security technology.

Learn more about DBank Group: https://www.dbankgroup.com/

DBank Group Enquiries: service@dbankglobal.com

About Finxeed

Finxeed is a digital financial services provider with a focus on development initiatives that empower those who use their services towards their goals. Using cutting edge technologies, they set themselves and their users apart within the business, technology and financial sectors. With Finxeed’s exhaustive experience in business management and fintech, they have expanded to assist users with multiple branches across the globe.

One of Finxeed’s main long term projects involves nurturing a healthy trading talent pool using STOT, a trading verification programme that aims to bring both new and experienced traders closer to financial freedom by incentivising consistent, profitable trades.

Find out more about Finxeed: www.finxeed.com

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Finxeed marketing: Info@finxeed.com



Behind every Finxeed certification is level of power entrusted that matters.

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Behind every Finxeed certification is level of power entrusted that matters.