Finxeed and BCWEX Enter a Partnership to Join Platforms

Leading global digital financial services provider, Finxeed and popular digital assets exchange BCWEX are entering a partnership to join platforms, where they will support one another in business activities and in serving clients with a comprehensive set of offerings.

Both organizations have been working consistently towards promoting awareness of cryptocurrency, blockchain and other associated technologies, ensuring that they remain ahead of the curve in all things related to new technological developments within the Web 3.0 space.

Included among the services offered by these entities is Finxeed’s STOT Programme, where aspiring and established traders alike can take part in a trading challenge. Participants who successfully meet the objectives set forth in the STOT Programme stand the chance of trading on behalf of STOT as a verified trader, using a fully funded account complete with opportunities for increased incentives.

Meanwhile, BCWEX has recently increased their number of supported coins to 14, also further expanding on their offered services by integrating coin swapping within their platform. Being a well-known digital assets exchange platform, BCWEX puts the safety and security of its users first, maintaining a robust system that protects the assets and data entrusted to it with a track record of zero security incidents since its inception.

This partnership between Finxeed and BCWEX leverages Finxeed’s focus on development initiatives that provide its users with the tools they need to further their financial goals, complementing their objectives with BCWEX’s services as a medium where users can take part in digital asset trading activities.

Long time customers of Finxeed and BCWEX have much to look forward to in terms of projects involved in this venture, while new and potential customers can take advantage of this exciting new development by joining in on future activities.


BCWEX is a global digital asset trading services platform ranking among the top nine in the world in platform transaction volume. Established in 2018 and serving users in 130 different countries, BCWEX is backed by DBank Group and a proud winner of the Zhengzhou Financial Expo “Safest Compliance Overseas Trading Platform” award.

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Finxeed is a digital financial services provider with a focus on development initiatives that empower those who use their services towards their goals. Using cutting edge technologies, they set themselves and their users apart within the business, technology and financial sectors. WIth Finxeed’s exhaustive experience in business management and fintech, they have expanded to assist users with multiple branches across the globe.

One of Finxeed’s main long term projects involves nurturing a healthy trading talent pool using STOT Programme, a cryptocurrency trading challenge that aims to bring both new and experienced traders closer to financial freedom by incentivising consistent, profitable trades.

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Behind every Finxeed certification is level of power entrusted that matters.

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Behind every Finxeed certification is level of power entrusted that matters.