Finxeed Announces the South East Asia Digital Transformation Summit

Digital Transformation Summit 2022

Leading global digital financial services provider Finxeed will be organizing an online blockchain summit on Tuesday, December 20th, 2022. This event is named the South East Asia Digital Transformation Summit — Building a Trusted Ecosystem around TradFi and DeFi.

This online blockchain summit’s overall theme focuses on the combining of energy industry and traditional finance industry players. It also spotlights the integration of digital channels such as communities, sustainable development, and public benefits arising from the blending of traditional finance and decentralized finance.

The guest speakers featured during this event include Republic of the Philippines: House of Representatives, Cuyo Bank Financial Group (CBFG), Dbank Group, Access, Certik, Finx, Maneki Meow, BCWEX, Blogtienao, and last but not least, Finxeed as the event host. This selection of industry leaders will discuss topics according to the summit theme, the convergence of traditional finance and decentralized finance — event participants can look forward to nuanced discussion of TradFi, DeFi, and the effects of combining these two sectors.

The key topics that will be discussed during the summit include key security systems affecting the blended TradFi and DeFi ecosystems, as well as safety systems involving aspects such as resources, technologies, regulations, channels, and products. These topics are particularly relevant to every point of merging between traditional finance and decentralized finance, as it is important to carefully consider the details involved in such a significant undertaking.

Finxeed Trusted Partners

Special topics and sessions featured in the programme highlights include The Founding and Social Value of Finxeed, where the history of the host organization, Finxeed will be discussed. Meanwhile, in DeFi, Disintermediation and the Regulatory Path Ahead, The Journey of Digital Transformation, and TradFi & Defi: is Convergence Inevitable?, the guest speakers will elaborate upon the ramifications of blockchain development within the context of combining traditional finance and decentralized finance.

Finally, in Ensuring the Sustainability of Digital Assets’ Value and Distribution, The Future of On-Chain Trading, Transparency and Trust as a Commodity, and Building Communities of Trust, the guest speakers will examine the long term effects of blockchain development and the growth of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. It is anticipated that the summit will engage participants in comprehensive, thorough discussion of the subject topics.

This event will run from 8 pm on the event day — those interested in the summit can take part via Zoom using the QR code published on the event poster. All are welcome to the South East Asia Digital Transformation Summit, as progress does not discriminate and everybody deserves access to knowledge and information.

As a financial services provider, Finxeed’s vision lies in creating trust using big data as a medium, connecting enterprises and consumers through data, credit evaluation, authentication, identification, and other services.

Through their core values of certification, identification, integrity, trust and transparency, Finxeed contributes to the blockchain and cryptocurrency community through a variety of services and opportunity creation. Finxeed’s services encompass community facilitation, financial services, fund management, news media distribution, and cryptocurrency trader certification.

Anyone missing out on this event will be pleased to hear that there are more events planned for the future — the Southeast Asian blockchain and cryptocurrency community can look forward to other exciting initiatives organized by Finxeed and its affiliated organizations.

Finxeed Raises $10 Million Strategic Investment from DBank Group

About Finxeed

Finxeed was founded in 2020, with the vision of creating trust authentication through big data. Its core function is to connect enterprises and consumers together through data, credit evaluation, authentication, identification and other services to enhance trust, transparency and security. One of Finxeed’s main long term projects involves nurturing a healthy trading talent pool using STOT, a trading verification programme that aims to bring both new and experienced traders closer to financial freedom by incentivising consistent, profitable trades.

Finxeed combined with data collection systems and scientific computer algorithms, Finxeed has built a big data solution that integrates data collection, data screening, data aggregation, data modeling, and data productization.

Based on this, Finxeed is able to evaluate the supervision level and risk level of the included enterprises from multiple dimensions and provide corresponding security solutions for individual users, enterprise users and government departments.

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Behind every Finxeed certification is level of power entrusted that matters.

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Behind every Finxeed certification is level of power entrusted that matters.