Finxeed Hosts More Meet-up Events for Blockchain Enthusiasts Across Asia

Following Finxeed’s popular meet-up event in Kuala Lumpur, Connected with Blockchain Technologies, similar gatherings are coming to major cities across Southeast Asia and greater Asia as part of an exciting meet-up event series.

Blockchain community members in Penang, Hanoi, Manila, Taipei and Bangkok can look forward to attending their local edition of Connected with Blockchain Technologies, where event participants will be able to connect with other blockchain enthusiasts for discussion, research and sharing.

This event series focuses on promoting the knowledge and understanding of blockchain technology through open dialogue and informal sharing within the blockchain community.

Crypto holders, blockchain-passionate individuals, technology enthusiasts and blockchain/crypto beginners alike will be able to share their thoughts as well as learn and network at these meetings.

Connected with Blockchain Technologies is the first of many future events promoting awareness of cryptocurrency and its associated technologies, with more to come as Finxeed grows with the blockchain industry. They aim to assemble a diverse and creative blockchain community that enables the discussion, study, and sharing of blockchain advancements.

As an organization, Finxeed emphasizes building cryptocurrency and blockchain awareness as well as supporting the understanding of new technology trends and financial literacy. These events will help empower participants by equipping them with the tools they need to keep up with cutting edge technology and pursue financial freedom.

As Finxeed works to promote blockchain technology within the Southeast Asian region and greater Asia, members of the community can look forward to future events and projects centered around this topic and industry. A couple of their main initiatives include the STOT Programme, a trading challenge centered around cryptocurrency, and the Finxeed Trading Academy, where aspiring traders can improve their skills using the educational resources provided.

Blockchain enthusiasts in Finxeed’s service regions will be delighted to know that Finxeed’s focus on community development will generate more opportunities for technological advancement, spurring the industry on towards a positive outlook with plenty more prospects to come.

About Finxeed

Finxeed is a digital financial services provider with a focus on development initiatives that empower those who use their services towards their goals. Using cutting edge technologies, they set themselves and their users apart within the business, technology and financial sectors. WIth Finxeed’s exhaustive experience in business management and fintech, they have expanded to assist users with multiple branches across the globe.

One of Finxeed’s main long term projects involves nurturing a healthy trading talent pool using STOT Programme, a cryptocurrency trading challenge that aims to bring both new and experienced traders closer to financial freedom by incentivising consistent, profitable trades.

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Behind every Finxeed certification is level of power entrusted that matters.

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Behind every Finxeed certification is level of power entrusted that matters.