What is STOT?

Global digital financial services provider Finxeed introduces STOT as part of their key initiatives. By doing so, they hope to discover and educate talented traders and build a healthy trading talent pool.

STOT is a two-step evaluation process where experienced and beginner traders can acquire a programme certification verifying their abilities in trading. Once participants prove their trading skills and discipline by completing the training objectives provided, they will undergo a verification process to eventually graduate as an STOT alumni.

As the key objective of STOT is to help traders build experience, there are no restrictions on trading styles, instruments or traded position size. Participants receive support from resources such as education material, account analysis specialists and performance coaches, as well as STOT community membership and a complimentary online trading course.

Finxeed has also prepared an elite coaching team and trading academy to better support STOT participants, where they have a few options to choose from including receiving one on one coaching from a team of elite mentors, making use of STOT resources including tutorials on trading and platform use, and attending webinars run by reputable traders and mentors.

Those who successfully complete STOT will receive a digital certificate from Finxeed and BCWEX, which verifies each graduate’s training and commitment to professional growth. This certificate can be used in career advancement, helping participants gain employment opportunities as a qualified trader.

STOT graduates will also receive an offer to trade on behalf of our Partnered Trading Platform using a real trading account which is funded up to $200,000. Traders who are consistently profitable stand to receive incentives according to the STOT Scaling Plan, which offers increments of $200,000 in trading account funding and up to 90% profit sharing.

As an organization, Finxeed aims to serve as a participation medium in future focused Web 3.0 based economies using cutting edge technologies and an innovation-driven approach. They do so by expanding their coverage of digital financial services, promoting and facilitating the role of science and technology in businesses, and by building upon new levels of high quality and sustainable development initiatives.

Through these strategies, Finxeed empowers individuals in the pursuit of trading knowledge and financial freedom, thus also improving participants’ trading skills and creating awareness of cryptocurrency.

About Finxeed

Finxeed is a digital financial services provider with a focus on development initiatives that empower those who use their services towards their goals. Using cutting edge technologies, they set themselves and their users apart within the business, technology and financial sectors. With FinXeed’s exhaustive experience in business management and fintech, they have expanded to assist users with multiple branches across the globe.

One of Finxeed’s main long term projects involves nurturing a healthy trading talent pool using STOT, a trading verification programme that aims to bring both new and experienced traders closer to financial freedom by incentivising consistent, profitable trades.

Find out more about Finxeed: www.finxeed.com

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Finxeed marketing: Info@finxeed.com

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Behind every Finxeed certification is level of power entrusted that matters.

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Behind every Finxeed certification is level of power entrusted that matters.