How to Listen to YouTube with Screen OFF (background) 2020

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How to listen to YouTube with screen off?

I’m gonna show you how to play YouTube videos on both iOS and Android devices with the screen off or in the background. This is great for listening since there’s no point in wasting battery on the screen if you’re just going to listen to it. More importantly, this is very helpful in multitasking. Using these tricks, you’ll be able to do your task and listen to YouTube in the background at the same time.

A. Listen to YouTube with Screen OFF on Android

Here are 2 ways for listening to YouTube with the screen off below or in the background. Following these steps correctly, you can play youtube video in the background or with a screen off.

1. Using HBTube

As a recently launched application, HBTube has become quite popular with a ‘trio’ of features that few applications have: Listen to music with Screen OFF, smart popup screen and the ability to run with other applications at the same time. For me, multitasking is the highlight of this app. It helps me do trading and watching my favourite videos on YouTube. Nice!

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Seems like it has many features huh?
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So you can already use HBTube!

In the Android system, some features of HBTube are limited.

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In addition, the existing features of HBTube are very interesting and unique. You should try.

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According to Youtube policy, all apps must display the full recommended video. So to listen to music on the lock screen, please leave feedback, HbTube will update you as soon as possible.

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To download and use HBTube for Android, visit: http://hbtube.online/en/

2. Google Chrome/Firefox Browser

  1. You need to download a Firefox or Google Chrome app on your Android phone. This trick works both for Google Chrome/ Firefox browser.

2. View www.youtube.com on Google Chrome browser.

3. Hit the menu button in Chrome and choose Request Desktop Site.

4. Search for your favorite YouTube video that you want to play in the background and play it.

5. Tap the Home Screen button when the video is playing in the full-screen mode.

6. Swipe the control center up and tap the Play button. Then swipe the control center down and continue with your work.

7. The video is playing in the background or with the screen off.

Now you can do tasks on other browsers or apps while listening to youtube videos.

Note: Must Choose Request Desktop Site, Or It’s Not Going To Work.

B. How to Listen to YouTube with Screen OFF on iOS Device

The steps for playing YouTube video on iOS phone or tablet in the background or with the screen off is the same as Android phone. So just repeat the steps above: HBTube or Google Chrome/Firefox Browser. One cool thing about iOS devices is that you have gotten one more useful browser — Safari.


All the tricks I suggest above are totally free. I mean who doesn’t like freebies. Especially HBTube, I didn’t expect a new application could be useful and strong like that. If you find these tips are very useful and helpful, do share it with your friends.

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