Save Money Fast — 15 Proven Ways How To Save Money Fast

We have all asked the question and wanted to now how to save money fast. Because most of the time all we hear is it takes years to save money, or I don’t have enough extra money to save right now. Most of the “how to save money” questions I get are about how to start an emergency fund, or how to save money to pay off debt quickly.

Below I have put together 15 PROVEN ways on how to save money fast. I say proven because they are not hype or fake scams like most. Some can even help you make money in 24 hrs and others will help reduce your spending. Either way they will help you free up extra money and allow you to save money fast.

Before we get started. Remember. The ways I show you are how to save money fast. This means you will have extra money. This money is for saving…not spending. So you will have to allocate this money to go into a savings account or investment fund of some type depending on your financial goals.

15 Ways How To Save Money Fast Starting NOW!

1. Work More

Now I never said all these ideas were ideal. But they get the job done. The first would be to work more hours or to work overtime. I realize this option is not available to all of you. But if it is, this is one quick and easy way to make extra money as soon as your next paycheck. Remember. Continue to live your life compared to your normal paycheck and put the additional money in the bank to start saving!

2. Get A Second Job

If you can’t get overtime like we mentioned above or you have maxed out your total hours. You can look for a second income. Now as you can probably imagine this can get very stressful and if you have a family will limit your time at home. But if the goals are discovering how to save money fast then this is a great option for the short term.

Places like temp agency’s can get you up and running part time fairly quickly. Also, check out the part time section on Craigslist. New jobs are posted on there every day. It’s also a great place to find labor jobs such as construction and lawn care on the side.

3. Eat At Home

If you typically eat out 2–3 times a week, try cutting it down to just once or try to eliminate it for a full month. This is a very effective way on how to save money fast. But I’m not just talking about restaurants. Consider this to be effective for gas stations, coffee shops, vending machines and convenience stores. Yes, this can take some planning to make sure you always have food prepped with you. But in the long run buying in bulk and from the grocery will put extra money back in your pocket every week!

4. Take Your Lunch To Work

If you eat out for lunch each day at work just try adding up all the receipts if you don’t already. Those $5 — $15 bills add up fast. And that’s not factoring in gas to drive there and back for most. A quick and easy way to help take your lunch to work is to make extra the night before and take leftovers. You can make this healthy and save money fast at the same time.

5. Find Yourself A Roommate

Agreed this can be considered a more permanent way to save money fast but it is quick and very rewarding. Not only can you split the rent but you can split utilities and other renting expenses. Yes, you have to give up some privacy but what you loose in space and privacy you make up for in savings $$!

Of course, make sure you do all the right background checks and do your due diligence in finding the right roommate who is in this for the long run.

For the real adventurous you should check out Air BNB. With Air BNB you can rent out a room or even your couch in your house for people traveling through town or working the area. It’s a fun experience and you can meet some really cool people and make fast money doing it!

6. Reduce Or Cancel Your Cable Bill

Desperate times can call for desperate measures. Chances are your cable bill can range from $50 -$150. So a fast way to save money may be to cancel your cable bill… Just think, all that extra time you have can be used to work the extra job!

Nowadays there are many ways to still get your entertaining pleasure for a great price. You can just use Redbox or Netflix, get yourself an HD antenna or make a one-time small purchase of an Apple TV and get it all in one package.

In most cases you won’t want to eliminate all luxuries or if you have kids, you will be creating more headaches than it’s worth ( I know, I have 3!) So look at your package and see if you can remove any channels, or in some cases simply call your provider and ask. You will be surprised what they will/can do.

7. Shop around for Insurance and Lowering Prices

Be it life, car or house. Insurance can zap a lot of your hard earned cash each month. If you want to find how to save money fast shop around for different insurance quotes. You need to make sure you are getting the best rates you can otherwise you are spending unnecessary money for the same coverage

It can take some time but can result in saving up to hundreds per month. Never believe you are getting the best insurance price. So get a list of all the companies you have insurance through and call. Maybe see if you can bundle them together to get a one-time price and deal. Don’t take the first price that sounds good. Call around and prove you are getting the best insurance deal.

8. Review and Cancel All Recurring Payments

They can be small and sneaky and happen without you knowing…Or you know about them and procrastinating each month about canceling them and never do! Check your checking and credit card accounts and look out for all your recurring payments for memberships and subscriptions. This can be for the gym, Netflix, magazines, online software, and other online services. If you don’t use them, or could live without. Cancel them now! Again this method can have you save money fast!

9. Reduce Banking Interest Rates

Areas you can do this would be credit cards, cars loans, and your home mortgage. Yes, your car and home mortgage may take refinancing and that brings along another list of considerations. But if we look at credit cards this can be one way to save money fast!

First off, keep it simple and just call the credit card company and ask them to lower your interest rate. If they say no, ask why, say thank you and hang up.

In this case, persistence pays off. So right away call back and speak to a different customer service rep and ask again.

If for whatever reason they really can’t and they won’t tell you why. It may be best to consider and 0% transfer balance. This will be a great move if you are trying to get rid of debt as you will remove the interest aspect of it.

But be warned! You are not to keep spending on these cards as now you will have two cards and a higher credit limit. So DON’T go racking up more credit!

Also, if you’re credit isn’t that strong, do some research first on the best card to help reducing the risk of an unnecessary hard inquiry on your credit. but thing 650 and above and you should be fine.

10. Sell Stuff Online

One mans junk is another mans treasure and we all have junk around our houses that is getting in the way or filling up a closet when someone out there will happily exchange it for cash with you!

Take half the day to go thourgh your house and set aside all the stuff you’d like to sell. Never think nobody will want it…You will be VERY surprised what you can sell on sites like Craigslist.

Next work out how you want to sell it:

  • Craiglist
  • Ebay
  • Garage Sale

Craiglist can take some time taking all the pictures and uploading online, but you can reach a much wider audience and generally get better prices to help you get and save money fast.

Also, when people do come to visit, upsell them to your other stuff, Show them what else you have for sale and try and bundle together some group purchases.

Before you list anything make sure you know the true value of what you have for sale. Mark it up just a bit and always now what you are willing to take on the low end if people start to negotiate with you. Have fun, just don’t get taken advantage of!

11. Cut Back On Bad Habits

No matter what it is, cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs. They can all rack up huge bills each month. Now I’m no counselor but if you want to now how to save money fast, kick a bad habit and get more healthy all at the same time. This will do it and help you save hundreds a month!

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12. Buy Generic Labels Instead of Brands

This works for everything from clothes to food. But especially when you are trying to save money fast. Shopping store brands can save you $20-$40 bucks each week at the grocery. I wrote a whole post on how to save money at the grocery store that will help you. I realize in some cases taste may prevent you from shifting from your favorite brand of cereal, but give it a try and you will be surprised the money you can keep in your pocket to help save money fast.

13. Implement The 10 Second Rule!

It’s simple and effective and cures all impulse and conditioned purchases no matter where you are. Whenever you pick up an item in the store that wasn’t on your planned list. Stop and think about it for 10 seconds as to why you really need it, and could you really do without it this month since you are trying to save money fast

If you can’t think of a good reason, then put it back and keep the money! It really is that simple. Try it, you’ll be surprised!

14. Track Your Spending

The best way to do this is use a budget. I realize we are not all wired to be able to do this effectively where some of us obsess over it. The goal is to get you 100% aware of what all your money is doing.

Such as where it’s coming from and where’s it’s being spent. Monitoring for as short as one week can highlight a number of holes you can start to plug with conscious spending.

Online tools such as and are 2 of my favorites. allows you to link your accounts and easily make budgets so it really is a no-brainer once it is set up. requires a little bit more work weekly, but educates you in a whole new level and helps you get ahead of your finances and really get in control. Try each one and see which you prefer.

15. Always Search For Coupons Online

Either before you head out or even when you are in the shopping line with your smart phone. Search for store name coupons. This can get you a quick 20% on your purchases or whatever the daily special is. You won’t hit the jackpot every time, but you never know if you don’t try.

Large department stores are the best for this like Target, Macys, and large chain grocery stores. PLEASE don’t do this just for the deal. But if you have a purchase that passed the 10 second rule, then this is a great way to how to save money fast!

Well, I hope we were able to cover a few methods that allow you to discover how to save money fast when you’re in need of some quick cash. I know not all of them can apply to everyone and that we haven’t even scratched he surface of the hundreds of ways there are.

But I really feel these are some of the quickest and largest payback methods to save money fast. Yes, some need extra labor to achieve, but will also offer long term savings.

If I missed anything, please list more of what you know down in the comments below. Enjoy and happy saving!

Originally published at on March 25, 2015.

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