The threshold of a man’s force

Max Cantor
Oct 16 · 2 min read

While dipshits in the “manosphere” ply you you inanities and fluff you with honeyed words, I will address a serious issue today.

An issue that makes people uneasy.

Do you expect it to be “Should I pursue C**t or Coin [money] ? Or both, like Ashur [the character from the Spartacus series], below ? If you do, you have the wrong guess. The issue is related to those questions, though.

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This issue reshapes a man’s threshold of value.

Given the overwhelming pursuit of sex and men’s obsession with it…

The man who has made his pursuit of women secondary in joy to that of power has his value skyrocket. No, there’s no nonsense of “no-fap”, living a sex-less life or “transmutation” of sexual energy.

When the joys of ruling overtly or covertly over people gives one a greater “orgasm” than sex does…while still enjoying sex, that man’s threshold of “value” exponentially shoots upward. Boom ! Quantum leap. No forced rules or enforcement (unavailability of sex or inability to have it)…just a re-wiring.

Men who are made like that are few and between, they number perhaps 3%, perhaps less.

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