The Life and Death of Lexa
Jason Rothenberg

First things first, I’m glad you took some time before responding to the events that Lexa’s death caused. I feel like now people had some time to form their opinions and put things in perspective.

What happened has happened. While I see the bigger issue and think it should be adressed, I think that in terms of The 100, we should try to appreciate the many great things that the show still offers. I am an asexual woman and the fact that Clarke Griffin is a bisexual (= queer) lead clears even my skin. Because it’s great to have this strong and amazing lead character who also happens to be a part of our community (even though I felt like Clarke was very ooc in S3 so far, but that’s an issue of its own). I feel like over Lexa many people forgot that there’s still our hero that needs love and attention and support, and that there are more LGBTQIA characters on the show.

I am glad that you took the fan reactions into consideration, and that what happened taught you a lesson, taught you to be more sensitive perhaps. So thank you for that, and thank you for giving many of us characters to identify with (damn do I headcanon Murphy as asexual). There are still many of us who see The 100 as their weekly place of happiness and safety (as safe as The 100 can be), so thank you for that.

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