Conceal and Carry Network enters 3rd Year of Operation with Expanded Features

Sep 19, 2016 · 4 min read

Conceal and Carry Network ( Enters 3rd Year of Operation with Expanded Features on Our Website

“CCN can be a firearms information directory with more than 70,000 pages of effective info. Our FFL Dealer locator and firearms industry search engine can help you locate a dealer in the area. Our blog, newsletter, and forum contain the latest firearms industry news.”

The Conceal and Carry Network may help you locate a FFL Dealer close to you when you’re trying to get a firearm online. Our FFL Dealer search engine has over 63,000 listings. Once you have purchased your new firearm training is really important and our Firearms Instructor search engine may help you again. Watch our Introductory Video to help you comprehend the popular features of site. Visit our BEST INFO page the center in our website with links to great topics/sources on our website. Merchant Services

Most of us that love the firearms industry also share conservative beliefs and values which are not shared by the liberal mainstream #corruptmedia. A few months ago we added your own newsletter called THE SPOTLIGHT. We pull news from 200+ sources all over the internet. Our topics cover firearms, conservative politics, plus more. We update this page two times a day to hold these topics new and fresh. Make sure to bookmark this page and Sign up to our newsletter that will help you stay informed together with the news you can use.

We recently expanded our Library of Podcasters, Bloggers, and Broadcasters for topics that any gun loving conservative would enjoy. We’ve familiar names like Chuck Woolery (Blunt Force Truth), Bradlee Dean (The Sons of Liberty),, and many more that will supply you with a news source unlike CNN, CBS, ABC, etc. If you are not happy with the direction our country is going you’ll also find a national conservative political movement called RED NATION RISING on our site. RNR is participating in twitter and facebook with all the hashtag #RedNationRising and they have a weekly internet radio show called RED NATION RISING Radioyou should follow

If you enjoy reaching other well matched people our forum is an excellent place to visit and join. The Conceal and Carry Network Forum has topics everyone will like. We’ve got a Blog Page that shares great articles on current topics that effect the firearms industry, current events, and politics. These two chapters of our site have a huge selection of posts and videos to help keep you entertained and informed for hours at a stretch. Make sure to join our forum in order to also post, share, and respond on our site.

There is also a great deal of way that the Conceal and Carry Network will help Businesses. Have you got firearm or sports related business? Does your business accept or want to accept plastic card payments? We represent McMillan Merchant Solutions and it’s partner Delta Payment Systems who offer firearms friendly merchant services. The Current with the aid of the DOJ launched Operation Choke-Point that targets a great deal of businesses within our industry. Kelly McMillan of MMS has some good insight about this topic after Bank of the usa targeted his business back in 2012. Kelly decided to deal with the problem so he created MMS which provides firearms friendly merchant want to our industry. If you would like lower fees from a merchant services provider then we might help. Email me at for additional information.

If you wish to sell produces or services online we are able to also aid you make a website or add a shopping cart solution for your existing site. We have partnered with Volusion one of the nations best eCommerce sites to aid offer this awesome service. Contact me at for more information.

Lastly, our website provide perfect spot for businesses to advertise. A blog articles “Is Advertising on CCN a highly effective ROI?” will give you some insight how advertising with us works. This post uses a current members listing activity the past 2+ years that gives you a realistic view into how effective our listings are. While no advertising company can promise you sales we can effectively put your company before visitors that can call at your products. We offer business listings, banner advertising, Product Pages, and custom programs that range in price from $100-$500 per year. Message me at for more information.

The Conceal and Carry Network continually expend and also be even as we make an effort to ended up being the #1 source for those things firearms related on the internet. We also wish to be the places you visit for your daily dose of conservative news.

To summarize…. God Bless America….still the best place to live in the world!

Take a minute to check out our ABOUT US page.

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