6 Reasons Why The Short Cut Will Cut You

The square root of zero is zero

Where are you really rushing to? Who are you really posing for? Have you really thought through the consequences of your actions? More will be taken from you for the little you’ll get out of it.

Our utmost goal is to help you to make the most of your money. We do not support ill gotten wealth or fame and you shouldn’t too.

Here are 6 reasons why that short cut will cut you:

  1. Guilty Con Con
    You will just be running when no one is after you, always looking over your shoulder. You can’t enjoy money without peace of mind.
Common sense fall on you.

2. Disgrace to Your Family
If you want to be great in life, have some regard for the last name that you carry. When(not if) it all goes down, who will you run to?

Family over everything.

3. De-”rep”ping our Country Nigeria
And of all things, you encourage people who make our country synonymous with fraud. How can you have such skills and use it to do evil?

You will not further tarnish our image.

4. It Will Not Last
By the time you spend 500K settling this guy, 300k on the other, you’ll only end up right back where you started. Is that one life?

You’re taking five steps forward and ten steps back.

5. Low Self-Esteem
Why sell yourself cheap just because of a few bucks? Can the money and attention really equate to what you’re giving up?

Instagram must not take the filter feature in their next update sha because some of you will lose it!


Do not say yes when you mean to say no. Don’t let it get too far or too hard for you to say NO to satisfaction that lasts only a moment.

Greed is a deadly sin.

When you get money through dishonest means, you’re like a balloon tied to a rock. You cannot look glorious, flying in the sky, till you untie yourself from that rock.

We want you to know that you can do more with your humble earnings. Start today, by tracking your spending to understand your money and grow it.

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