The Waves (Kabir)

Luminous eyes cannot reflect the infinite gaze

the sound of a thousand waterfalls humming, unheard

and the ocean is the wave.

Luminous eyes you must create

weightless eyes are luminous eyes

your body is the wave

your name is different, my name is different

but our realities are the same

your body is the wave

Secrecy is surety

language disturbs the ocean

reality yields logic, pure silence (is made)

words entice the thirst

if you've felt it

if you've experienced it

the wave is the ocean

And hearing is imperative

for the breaking of the waves

and I am the ocean

planets run through our hands

flourishing the waves

And meditation is the practice of becoming a mirror

weightless eyes, empty eyes

luminous gaze

you're not my reflection

you cannot reflect the gaze

when you're the ocean and the wave.