Art by Bill Hennessey; Source:

For Fear of Silent Lullabyes

Before the orange sun sets
and the blood moon ascends
I wait for you

Poverty chains and drains
preventing escape of the slaughter
and I wait for you;

Splinters of frailty turn
to a black mirror for escape
but I wait for you;

My child,
your eyes darling with joy
your legs daring for balance
I keep you safe below my cower
fearing our rain of blood
will stain your eyes forever
to the promised blue sky.

There are only moments left
before the sun sets
and the night clad thugs reign
under your promised blue sky.

Look for me, look for me,
I will shine light of all colors,
Even though I already hide
upon the night of murderers
and all is cast
in the blind rage of hell.

I wait for you,
to intrude upon my peaceful prison
or to break through cradle bars
to stand before my light
and to banish the night
to storytelling
and play.

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