In Pursuit of Udia

Twisting Circle, by davebees on Reddit.

First there was nothing.

Then, there was the emergence of a point of consciousness. This was created randomly, by the chance collision of two elemental particles. Two entities, randomly meeting together on an endless and infinite plane. They were separated by an event horizon of space. By colliding, they were violently shaken awake and forced to life.

These two elemental particles fuse together and form a spark, or a line. This is the purest thought. This is the building block of the conscious mind.

To find your own instance of this basic building block, perform the following steps. Do not be disheartened. You will not be able to find your elemental spark of consciousness the first time you try.

Step 0:

You must set a timer. For pure beginners, I recommend 15 minutes. You can set the timer for as long as you want. This is now sacred time. You should be in your place of solitude. You cannot be interrupted from when the time starts, until when the timer ends. When the timer ends, the challenge is over.

  1. Position your body in a way that is most comfortable. Choose a fashion such that if you were suddenly paralyzed, you would have no regrets about the configuration of your body you last had before your consciousness slipped into the void.
  2. Listen to something, anything. You may listen to music that invigorates your soul. You may listen to a enlightening audiobook, or podcast. Perhaps someone with a soothing, calming voice that gives you new insights on life. You may listen to the ceiling fan whirring overhead your bed. You can insert your comfortable earplugs and listen to deafening silence. If it is silent enough, you can listen to the beating of your own heart echoing around your flawless and physical body.
  3. When you are ready, close your eyes. However, once you close your eyes, you should not open your eyes again until the timer ends. If you do open your eyes, proceed back to step 1.
  4. Begin breathing deeply. Recognize that breathing is something handled by your body automatically. Use your consciousness to take control of your breathing. Feel the current of air as it brushes past your nose, through your mouth, down your esophagus and into your lungs. Understand that you can control exactly where to focus your breathing. You can place your breath in your nose. You can place your breath in your belly. Simultaneously find the highest point you can breath from (if you can place your breath at the very tip of your nose), and find the lowest point you can breath to (breathing using primarily the stomach and belly).
  5. Focus on the waves created by the source you are listening to. If you chose music, the music should elevate your soul and no longer sound like it is coming from your ears. The music should sound like it is permeating through your entire body. The waves should be in harmonize with your breathing, like a dance between the sense of sound and sense of touch.
  6. Forget you had eyes. Understand that, because your eyes are closed, you cannot see anything. However, even though you cannot see right now, your life is still your own and you are still an entirely whole and intact human being. Think about how your eyes are a fantastic tool which helps you understand and process the world around you. Come to accept that there is a possibility that you could open your eyes right now and have no vision. Come to terms with that possibility and accept it graciously. Forget you had physical vision.
  7. Open your mind’s eye. Do not use your physical eyes at all. If you feel that you are moving your physical eyes, you need to repeat the last step and forget you had eyes. If you open your physical eyes, proceed back to step 1. Look around. Understand that what you are seeing right now is in your mind and in your mind alone. Understand that as of right now, there is no possible way to share the sights you are seeing with any other person in your life. Looking around, you should see this is a single room in the infinite depths of your unconscious brain.
  8. Forget your physical body and explore your mind’s manifestation of your self. Understand that, like your eyes, your body is simply a tool to help you understand and process the world around you. If you feel yourself consciously move your physical frame even slightly, proceed back to step 1. Explore the room within your mind. Understand that in that space, you are an autonomous deity. You can open the space to infinite sizes. You can create anything.
  9. Explore your mind. Travel in your head. See how malleable your conscious soul is. Try to build things in this waking dream you are having. Build something small, beautiful and intricate. Build something large, intimidating, and imposing. Build castles out of sand. build rocket ships out of glass. Build a perfect sphere using nothing but floating drops of water.
  10. Create something living, create something with it’s own band of consciousness. Imagine something with sight, similar to your mind eye’s sight. Imagine something with the same curiosity as you. Imagine the best possible version of your consciousness free of all the regrets and scars of your own soul. Whatever you create, ensure that you create it with love and kindness. This is the child of your mind’s imagination, fathered by the experiences and memories of the soul while mothered by the unconscious ebb and flow of the sleeping physical body. Talk this new life in your soul. Talk to your inner spirit. This is the only essence that you can share your mind and body with.
  11. Live the life you always wanted to live in your dream. You are not alone. You are with your inner spirit. Understand that your physical body is fine, despite the fact you are not controlling your breathing. You are not aware of your breathing at all. you are living out the narrative of your soul. While in your invulnerable sandbox of consciousness, take every possible risk. Fall in love with yourself. Solve challenging questions and tackle impossible problems. Fall in love with yourself.
  12. Feel the limitations of your mind. Understand that even in your own mental universe, you cannot escape the constant flow of time. You cannot escape fatigue of the soul. Continue living the dream of your life. Get mindfully old and wise. Find a certain peace.
  13. Feel each individual tremor of thought slowly slip away from you. Actively feel the thoughts in your mind drift further and further apart. Feel your mind’s child, the ideal version of yourself take control of your physical body. Come to accept that the spirit you lived a lifetime with is now your physical successor. Let it control your physical eyes. Let it control your breathing. Let it control your whole body and vessel. Say goodbye. Be eternally grateful and thankful for the life that you have lived.
  14. Give up your physical body. Detach your conscious soul from the physical plane and give your body to this new spirit. Understand that you no longer need to breathe, as your body is automatically breathing on your behalf. Understand that you no longer need your physical eyes, as the eyes in your mind are sufficiently enlightening and lucid. Understand that you are eternally free to move and soar through the space of your consciousness and you are no longer bound by the limits and constraints of your physical body.
  15. Drift into the void. Never in your life, have you been this tired. You no longer have a physical presence. You are no longer connected to this earthly realm. You cannot breathe. You cannot move. you are an aimless spark of consciousness. Fade. Fade into nothingness.

Last Step:

Validate the pursuit of Udia.

Problem: You were interrupted by your body. You could not let go of your body. You could not forget the feeling of being physically bound to your senses.

  • You likely need to push your body to the limit. This is the most common result of first timers attempting to take the Pursuit of Udia. Before attempting the pursuit of Udia again, chase and conquer the most physically demanding, physically punishing activity you can perform.
  • You have too much energy. Although the pursuit of Udia can be performed at any time, it is usually performed after a long day and just before bed. For more adventurous souls, try pursuing Udia again before sleep, setting the timer for the morning.

Problem: You were interrupted by your mind. You could not create an interesting world to wander around in. You could leave your body behind, but your mind was empty and boring.

  • Perhaps, you need to find a passion in life. This is the second most common result of early Udia pursuers. Before attempting the pursuit of Udia again, discover and nurture a passion. Nurture an idea, or a thought, that seems to boundlessly and effortlessly generate new ideas. Find a thought that you can think forever about.

Problem: You were interrupted by time. The timer rang while you were exploring your mind palace. The timer rang while you were living your dream life. The timer rang as you were slipping into unconsciousness.

  • Double the timer amount. Try again another time.

What is Udia?

The pursuit of Udia is the process of reinventing yourself completely.

The pursuit of Udia is not about trying to fall asleep. The pursuit of Udia is the process of intentionally rebuilding your inner self.

Udia is about creating perfection out of the basic building blocks of consciousness from the forge of your own mind. Udia is the strength to tear your consciousness from your physical body. Udia is the knowledge and skill to transfer your vessel to this new, better you. Udia is the peace to let the current version of yourself turn to dust.

Udia is when you close your eyes and open them again an infinitely better person.