Udia — A Binary Tree

What is Udia?

If Udia were a binary Tree, Udia would be a tree with no nodes. Or Udia would be the complete infinite binary tree.

What are some examples of Udia?

Some people think Udia is the fluctuations of a 0 or a 1 over time.

Some people think Udia lives in the ears. These people try to convert the music and voices of the world into audio. They are zealots about lossless audio compression. Some people think Udia is an image, perfectly preserved digitally. Some people think they have the original copy of Udia, and they take great care, keeping it their own personally guarded secret. Most people think Udia is something to share with the world. Some people think Udia is something to keep hidden away, privately held in a place until it is washed away by ignorance.

I want to build something that accomplishes three things. The following is my model for life.

I want you to first hear Udia.

I then want you to define Udia for yourself.

Then, I want you to act on Udia. You will be finished when you have completely forgotten about Udia.

I want me to take this idea and build amazing stories. Build engaging applications. Udia is something to pursue.

If Udia were an element, Udia would be Silicon. Udia’s number would be 14.

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