Original Narrative by Tahlia H-H.

Thanks to everyone who read and enjoyed my lady post ☺ Here is the first chapter of my story (not yet titled).

Chapter 1

There was a gentleness in her touch, a kindness reflected in her eyes and voice. She’s never beaten me, never made me starve, or locked me away. She was just kind. Soft and loving in the way she would hold me; the way her hands stroked my ears and scratched my chest. She didn’t boss me around, simple asked. Even on her days when her energy was dark and low, she was never harsh, never cruel, never took out any of her anger or grief out on me. Even when teasing it was always with love and laughter in her voice. She my rest, my calm. She could never replace my Human- her mate- and she knew that. She was simple there to just be.
It was so different to the other lives I had known. The other humans who I was born. He ones who kept my mother undernourished and forced her to produce litter after little of pups for their disposal. I only knew my mother for the few weeks they kept me with her to feed. I don’t remember much. Just the warmth of her wet tongue as she cleaned me; the tired expression in her eyes as she lay in our cage, too weak to move or even bark.
Most of the others were like that too. All the mothers. I got out of the box I shared with my brothers and sisters one night there was a terrible storm, with piercing rains and cruel winds. A tree branch had fallen onto the cage, cracking open the side of the wood enough for my small body to fit through. I fell out and ran into the night, scared and cold, whimpering and barking into the growling sky. I stumbled around in the wet dirt for a while like this before the humans came. That’s when I saw them. All the others. Piles of crates and cages, all full of scared, yapping pups and their weakened, sad mothers.
I didn’t see my mother after that night. The human’s hands were big and rough as they threw me into one of the few empty crates. I remember their ferocious voices, growling like the sky. I saw more of them throughout the following months. Nearly every day. They would grab my neck and hoist my up, examining me as they discussed things like my growth and strength, my mother and the father I’d never met. They would talking about how I was “surpassing the other pups”, and how I would be ready to fight soon. I didn’t know what any of that meant. But I would soon learn.
That marks the end of chapter one. Stay tuned for more, and leave a comment with any questions or reviews ☺