FiniteYFI(fYFI) is the ERC-20 deflationary Cryptocurrency with the Aiming to Build a new Farming Concept to reward the holders. FiniteYFI is Building a the Decentralized Uber dAPP on the ETHEREUM. As we are writing this we are working on call which is more than 55% completed.


1. D-Ride-Hailing dAPP

Could decentralized ride-sharing apps, with their promise of greater control for drivers and users, topple the incumbent ride-sharing giants like Uber and Lyft?

There’s a huge potential not only for a decentralized ride-sharing app, or a blockchain based company, but a company who can work more ethically for the betterment of…


Finite Yearn Finance(fYFI) is ERC-20 Deflanatory token is to create to reward the Holders with new Farming Concept through PoR mechanism.

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