How to maximize your potential with flexible working hours

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So, you want to get things done, but still feel strong and refreshed? Let me share some of my personal insights and ways I use to get the best out of myself. There can be many methods, and nothing is written in stone, so these are only suggestions that will hopefully work for you. If nothing more, I hope this will inspire you to find the methods that do suit you best. Note that these practices do not apply for all industries and they may need more or less cooperation from everyone you work with.

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Firstly, let’s cover the “corporate” model, where you work from, for example, 8 am to 4 pm. For me, this is not optimal. First of all, you are assigned strict working hours during the day. It can lead you to work in a robotic way by simply coming into the office, work, then when 4 pm hits you stop it, forget it, and continue the day with your own routines. I’m not saying this is all bad, it can totally fit your situation and make you happy with your work. But usually, what I’ve found, is especially in those last hours of the day I’m getting tired of thinking, and I’m just not feeling it. So I will just chill and sit, maybe browse the internet, watch some Youtube, or “code hard” when I’m just jumping between files and actually doing nothing. So why should I be sitting in the office because I am not producing anything and more importantly, I am not enjoying myself?

With the freedom of flexible working hours, I would just leave the office. Go out for sports, watch a movie, relax, spend time with family or friends. Recharge my batteries the way I want. Sometimes I might take 2 longer breaks during a day. After some “me time” I might get an idea of what to do to try and solve the issues I’ve been working on. And usually, I get them solved pretty much instantly. My brain has relaxed and has been processing in the background. Then the solutions come out clearer and simpler. I spent 6 hours of day to work and I solved my issue. I could have been sitting in the office for 8 hours and still struggling with the same problem. Sounds good to me, I spent less time and got to do what I love meanwhile. I don’t feel so exhausted and still delivered.

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At the end of the day, it’s your wellness which is the most important thing. When you feel good and enjoy work, you get results. We’re not robots. We need to listen to ourselves, and we need to have the courage to say how we feel.

Let’s keep our minds bright and shine!

Niko is Finlabs mobile development guru. Working in a team, or as a one-man show, Nikos skills in mobile development are some of the best and fastest around.

Niko has strong experience in modern development methods and technologies and has flexed his development muscles at the likes of Nokia and Osuuspankki, where he was a leading member of teams creating global, award-winning products.

On our projects, Niko is often the driving force. His passion to push himself to the edge encourages other team members to push themselves beyond their regular limits.