‘The story of the wrong piano’ — or how the challenges we face are an opportunity to create something extraordinary

When pianist Keith Jarratt arrived to play at the Köln / Cologne opera house, he found he had been given the wrong piano. In fact the quality of piano was so poor that he refused to perform.

But when the young promoter convinced him to play anyway he unexpectedly created what became “the most successful solo jazz album in history” and “the most popular piano album in history.”

The challenges offered by working within the confines of the ‘wrong’ piano had become an opportunity to create something out of the ordinary: something “magical, amazing, breathtaking, electrifying” … “A masterpiece.”

Overcoming the challenges we face is not a barrier to our job: it is our job. And, in the ways we choose to respond, we all have the opportunity to create a masterpiece.

You can listen to the full concert here.