Who inspires wins

When the world is churning we cannot tell what will happen next.

This means that what we thought of yesterday as a strength can become a liability, and what we thought was a weakness can become a strength. Even a threat can become an opportunity if it spurs us into greater action.

When the world is churning what we find, paradoxically, is that there are no inherent strengths or weaknesses, opportunities, or threats. There is only our ability (or inability) to deliver what is needed.

When change is all around us, what drives our success is our ability to spot the new possibilities that are emerging and map a path to reach them.

And when everything is changing, and all ways forward will bring challenges, what drives our ability to build a path into the future is our ability to create inspiration:

Success = Possibility x Inspiration

When everything is changing, our greatest opportunities lie in the places where we can build the greatest inspiration — in ourselves, our colleagues, our customers, and our investors — to work together to make that shared future happen.

Learning to spot these opportunities and find that inspiration is what Chapter 3 of Inner Leadership is all about.

Who inspires wins.