Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference in Cyprus 2017

Andrey Orlov and Ayami Tanaka attended Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference in Cyprus on November 30, 2017. We have noticed that no matter where a conference or meetup takes place, most of the participants are Russian-speaking. This one was not an exception to the rule: there weren’t so many people who didn’t understand Russian. But still, the official language of the conference was English, and most speakers struggled speaking it. We believe that if you are making an international project, you need to improve your English language skills.

There were speakers from different regions. And though we haven’t learnt anything radically new, we believe that these kind of conferences are good for keeping abreast with all the things that are happening in the market of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. It is also a great opportunity for our portfolio projects to quickly attract many people. We met a lot of familiar faces, both among speakers and teams, with whom we discussed legal regulations of the market in different jurisdictions. And also, FinShi Capital had a chance to talk to several major marketing specialists that work with blockchain projects. Our lawyers are currently working on a partnership agreement between us.

One of our portfolio projects also took part in the conference. Semen Gleim, CEO of Paymon, told the audience about the project’s current and future developments. His project already has a working cryptomessanger which can be downloaded from AppStore and GooglePlay. But this is just a first step: next there will be a cryptocurrency exchange without any commissions, their own blockchain, PoM, and a platform that will connect sellers and buyers.

After the conference some of the participants decided to throw an afterparty. But after such a long and eventful day, only the toughest blockchain admirers made it there.

First 100% crypto blockchain venture fund

First 100% crypto blockchain venture fund