Technological Business Forum TechnoCult

The Managing Partner of a venture cryptofund FinShi Capital became a speaker on the first Technological Business Forum in Russia — TechnoCult.

The Forum started on November 2 and will end in a month. Young scientists, students and just starting entrepreneurs will get a chance to take part in a training program, which is divided into several topics: Medicine, IT, Biotech, Industry, Oil&Gas, Materials.

The organizers started the event with an opening speech greeting everyone. Then they continued it with a panel discussion: the forum’s experts discussed the ways of attracting investments and developing technological startups. Andrey Orlov spoke in details about the ways of attracting investments from venture funds, about launching a successful ICO, and about getting investments in cryptocurrency. There was also a separate discussion about the quality of startups’ preparation to working with their targeted audience: most of startups are still spending less time than they should on studying their customers’ needs, they do not properly study the market or the client.

Answering the listeners’ questions, Andrey spoke about current and future investments and the ways venture funds support startups. Young teams need more than just money, they need mentoring and most importantly help with business processes, as well as professional expertise. The funds can provide startups with this kind of support, thus ensuring the projects’ fast growth and development.

FinShi Capital is the first venture fund formed entirely of cryptocurrency. It specializes on investments in Blockchain and Fintech startups and uses a model of a classic venture fund, proved to be successful by professional venture investors. In October 2017 the fund raised 21.4 million dollars on the ICO. The owners of the fund’s tokens are investors in real startups and will be getting regular dividends.