The IX International Contest of IR cases in Investor Relations and Financial Communication took place in Moscow on December 20. FinShi Capital got a prestigious award.

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Financial Communications
& Investor Relations
Alliance (ARFI) awarded the winners of the IX International Contest of IR cases of 2017.

As usual the participants of this contest were IR professionals, representatives of big public companies, as well as representatives of digital economy companies, which successfully raised funds with the help of ICO and token placements. All in all there were more than 90 participants.

The award ceremony was opened by Stanislav Martyushev, the Executive Director of ARFI — the company that organized the event.
He emphasized that all of the awarded cases had the most interesting ideas for the investments community.
Digital Economy was the most interesting thing for those who attended.
And it’s no surprise! We do remember all the words that president Vladimir Putin said about digitalization of economy. The organizers and experts of the contest were repeatedly reminded that blockchain projects are currently the most interesting ones.

“Blockchain is the imperative of the digital economy!” These are the words that the audience heard before the award, the person who said them was Arseniy Scheltsin, the head of the IRI’s partnership activities. During the event everyone, the jury, the experts, the participants, agreed on one thing — there’s no future without blockchain.
ICOs in 2017 became something new and amazing, bringing enormous experience to people from different spheres. And the most important thing is that Russian companies played the leading role in this innovations mainstream.

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During the award ceremony it was said that Russian projects raised way more money than the projects of Silicon Valley!
Vyacheslav Sorokin, FinShi Capital’s Partner, presented the jury with the topic “Venture funds availability for private investors with the help of ICO”.
FinShi Capital was one of the few to be awarded in the area of digital economy companies and earned the 3d place. This award, given to the fund by the most respectful experts in the area, shows that the chosen by the fund strategy fo cryptocurrency market is the right one.

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A lot of participants showed their interest in the fund. Our representatives informed everyone who still haven’t heard of the fund about its main features. FinShi Capital is the first closed venture fund, formed entirely on blockchain technology, available to investors starting from $1 and focused on investments in startups (blockchain and fintech). The fund was founded by Capinvest 21 venture fund and a group of asian venture investors Asia LP. In October 2017 FinShi Capital conducted their own ICO raising $21.4 million.

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