News release

Due to very sudden changes in the market and strengthened state and legal regulation in different jurisdictions, FinShi Capital informs you of the following facts:
• Up until October 6, 2019 the fund will be working privately. It means that in order to avoid unforeseen consequences we will not be revealing any information about the work of the fund or its investments to the public.
• You can request information about the fund’s current investment portfolio via its official e-mail
• Unfortunately, the Investor’s Personal Account will not be restored. All transactions with FINS tokens will be done manually by the fund’s technical specialists after the obligatory user verification. …

During 3-days InnoWeek-2018 that started on June 4 in Tyumen there was a competition among innovative ideas. The authors of the best idea were awarded with a trip to Silicon Valley.
They key event of the forum was “the Battle of Startups”, where experts were choosing the best IT projects. …

One of the most anticipated events that happened: FINS got listed on a centralized exchange. Crypto exchange Mercatox, unlike all the rest, was not afraid of our security token and listed it at the end of March. Although this exchange is not one of the TOP-10 in terms of trading volume, this is a milestone event for the fund and it brings it one step closer to larger exchanges. …


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