Lipstick — bitchy crimson or cumslut pink?

I was standing at the make up counter in a large department store last week, looking at the various lipsticks. The young lady behind the counter was not pushy, but eventually came up to me and asked if there was something special I had in mind ‘for my wife’.

“I’m looking for something special,” I replied. I never try the lipstick on in the store, as it’s just a little too overt for me. “Something in a sort of bitchy crimson…”

She looked through the selection and pulled one out and suggest it. A dark claret, suggesting mid life anger with the desired hint of bitchy forcefulness.

“Yes,” I said. “I expect that would be perfect.”

I glanced at some of the lighter pinks. “I also need a sort of cumslut bubble gum pink,” I said with a laugh.

The assistant moved to another counter and drew out a selection of vibrant pinks to show me. At that moment I heard a voice behind me say my name.

“Oh, hello,” I said to Amanda, one of my wife’s more irritating acquaintances. “How are you?”

“I’m fine,” she said in a tone that reflected an unspoken accusation. Women of this type are always ‘fine’. “Don’t see you at the makeup counter often,” she persisted.

“No, I thought I’d just pick up something for..” I quickly thought I’d better not say it was for my wife as Amanda may mention it to her. “…something for my daughter.”

“Nice…” she said. “Thoughtful.”

“Well…” I started to say something about being a dutiful father.

“Cum slut pink, huh?” said Amanda.

“Well, you know. The kids today! What can you do!”

Amanda hurried away with a look of middle aged disgust on her face. That’s one chick who really is wound up just a little too tightly. A waste of a good pussy, if I ever saw one.