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‘All the birds and creatures of the world are unutterably themselves. Everything is waiting for you’

From ‘Everything is waiting for you’ by David Whyte₁

When I set out to research spirituality, I never imagined I would spend so much time exploring authenticity. Authenticity found me. All participants in my research study discussed how having a spiritual framework or belief system enabled a more authentic life. It shouldn’t really have surprised me. The meandering path towards authenticity, to reveal our true nature, is itself the essence of any spiritual journey.

As often happens in life, this revelation coincided with my own journey towards more authentic living. Changing career and moving to a new country, I was trying to establish a new sense of how I showed up in the world. Anyone who has been through a change of this magnitude will tell you it is not a linear process. Change is an internal cat-fight between your old self and who you are becoming. Part of this fight is centred on authenticity. You are fighting for the most authentic version of yourself. …


Fiona English

Speaker | Coach | Conscious Leader | Spirituality Aficionada🧘‍ Expanding Perceptions of #spiritual #wellbeing asking ‘What Does #Spirituality Mean to You?’’

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