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Facilities such as factories and offices define the lives and life pulse of the modern day towns and cities, as these are from where the industrial revolution is powered. With numerous companies operating in almost every niche of work today, employment opportunities are immense and millions of people work in such facilities. Apart from making sure that business goes on as usual in these facilities, it is also imperative to ensure safety of the employees and the company assets or facilitity’s property. A major threat to all this is fire, which can be quite damaging in terms of both life and property. This is why the area of fire risk has come to assume immense importance.

Remediation is much better than cure and this cannot be any truer, as much in case of a fire emergency. In order to manage a crisis of a fire in a building or facility, an appropriate plan of action should be developed and executed. But no plan of fire control or fire fighting can be effectively planned, let alone executed without knowing what you are trying t control or fight. Since each facility is different in the sense of number of people working there, it’s design, it’s evacuation exit points, it’s use of combustible substance in construction or working, the fire risk profile of buildings is bound to differ considerably. Thus adequate fire risk assessment in Kattering needs a great deal of care and precaution, and is best left to the experts.

In the areas of Northampton, Kettering and Wellingborough, the fire fighting and risk assessing experts are Northantsfire. We are a trusted name in fire management and fire risk assessment Kettering and are endorsed by the government for fire management in Northampton, Kettering and Wellingborough. The first phase of our customized fire risk assessment and management plan is identifying the sources of fire hazards in the facility. These can be sources of fuel, ignition, oxygen or any other combustible substances. The next area of our concern is the people and the entities at risk in the facility, should a fire situation occur. As a part of this, we identify the sitting locations, common areas and evacuation points.

Another aspect of the fire risk assessment and planning powered by Nothantsfire is the feedback loop to our assessment. Post any event or post a remediation action we undertake, we investigate and record the root cause of the event and it’s chances of occurrence again. The next step is to craft out a plan of emergency, should such an event reoccur, and make it available to everyone at risk. A major step in this is keeping people informed about what they would need to do in a situation of crisis. This is achieved by running mock drills and fire safety and evacuation training for the facility occupants. We also have expertise in assessing the fire fighting and safety equipments and installations at place, and make sure that it is available at readily usable and at hand places. For more information visit :

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