Seven letters that define where you stand in life.

Each and everyone of us desires to be successful in life yet our strategies are distinct. However, we all face obstacles to a greater or lesser extent on a daily basis. Despite the major struggles, we have to keep going because life was never meant to be easy. Giving up is never an option. To taste success, we have to wet our appetite with failure. Infact, success and failure co-exist.

We can all dare to dream big. Yet, we have to start small. It is of paramount importance to work day by day. Don’t choose the easy way out, it’s a trap. There exists no shortcuts to success.Without perseverance, relentless hardwork and dilligence, we can never achieve great things. In the end, we always regret the chances we did not take and there is a glimmer of failed conquest that arrests itself in the heart.

Life is all about pursuing your goals and chasing your ambitions. Success belongs to those who choose to run the extra mile. No matter how far you have wandered in the wrong direction, you can still turn back and rewrite the story of your life. The sooner, the better!

Firdaus Emambocus

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