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Fire Groove Gear is owned and operated by Lester Mooney who is one of the original founders of the business in 2005 and one of the 3 Fire Groove siblings (Hannah, Kamala, and Lester). He has been building fire props for over 13 years now and has over 15 years of fire dance experience.

Hammer Dart

Combining Meteor Hammer (Puppy Hammer) and Meteor Dart into one prop that offers a truly one-of-a-kind experience for both user and audience. Watch the heads seamlessly slide from end to end as you impress the ninjas with your transformational skillz!

This all-in-one tool fuses together the best of rope based props into one versatile and unique flow instrument. In Meteor Hammer mode, you have all the traditional Chinese Meteor moves available which includes Poi and elements of Contact Staff. With a simple shift in force, the poi head will slide freely to either end giving you the Meteor Dart mode where all Rope Dart and Mini Meteor techniques are possible. We use a combination of perfectly spliced technora rope (no knots) into twist link chain and dragon rope x with PX3 knobs for the main length. Choose between small monkey fist and large monkey fist as the heads. This newly innovated prop by Nicholas Ryan has huge potential for the creation of never before seen (or possible) techniques, so let your imagination be the limit!

Stage Juggling Balls

Our stage balls travel all the way from Italy just to unite with your hands. Made from a flexible hollow PVC giving them a nice grip and a great weight. Whether you need them for juggling or for contact we have the right size for you.

The Play Stage Balls is hollow and made of a flexible PVC which gives the ball great grip. The sizes range from juggling uses to contact ball and can also be used for people looking to make their own Contact Poi. Some of the colors are UV reactive.

100 mm (Approximately 4"): Specifically designed for Contact Juggling but often is still too small for beginners to comfortably learn on. View the new 130 mm Contact Balls if you are just starting off

90 mm (Approximately 3.5"): Unique on the market and was developed following the many requests of jugglers looking for a big contact ball that still allows to easily juggle 5 balls tricks. 90 mm STAGE BALLS is the perfect size for this. Many poi spinners are also gravitating towards 90 mm contact poi for those DIY’ers

80 mm (Approximately 3"): Great size for the more advanced juggler. Consider it the perfect balance between ease of use and visibility. Too small for most people to do contact with. Good for building stage poi that simulate fire poi weight and size

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