Grief For Love - A Letter

Poetry by SilverMoon-LeafeLake (Photo credit: My Camera)

Love for you is no seeker:

Above the heart, below the Rollercoaster.

Harbored feelings tend to be like a marsh-

Abhorred at myself because I am harsh.

Shapes of expression helps explain more-

Indexing my scalene triangle of emotions,

Vortexing spiral made of soul and devotions,

Tormenting myself lower than a kite or vulture,

Preventing my sight for the future,

I explain for you in any shape I can.

Aye- they are nothing shorter than wild.

I tried to keep myself mild.

Bold the dark believer-

Unmold the bond of the truster-

No dex holds well like this,

To hex and rise from the abyss.

However- Painful one may find any day,

Moreover, I will keep love and won’t let it gray,

For you- The star, the moon, the Wolf.

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