The Reverse: The Story Starts (Episode I)

Anti-Hero Episode by Episode by SilverMoon Leaf-Lake

I rolled over, grumbling. My back felt sore. Training yesterday had been brutal and I was sleeping on tree roots. A few moments later, my good friend tossed my sword on top of me saying, “Great news! We have another battle from the fantastic heroes.”

I groaned. “Why are they fantastic? I thought we were supposed to be better than them?”

“We will be better, as long as we stop saying we are better. Get up! We may need you to teleport the entire guild again. I know teleporting all of us is not your favorite hobby, but you know those heroes. They are persistent, deadly, and well trained. They keep finding us, one way or another.”

I sat up. I held my sword in its scabbard. I got to my feet. “Where is this battle?” I asked.

“Follow me,” and I followed my friend. The distance from the camp was unnervingly little. The sounds of magic being casted and the blades hitting other blades could be heard right inside camp. Somehow I failed to hear these sounds when I woke up.

We were now close enough to see the fight. Not many were fighting. Most of the guild seemed to have disappeared. “Where is everyone?” I asked my friend.

“You know the guild leader is probably keeping a close eye on the battle to make sure Crescent does not show up.” Crescent was the leader of the top Hero Guild out there. He fights beside a white tiger that, so far, has not been injured in battle yet. Considerably, Crescent is a great magic caster, so great that only our leader from the Anti-Hero side struggles to keep par with him. Mostly everyone in the guild fears him. I lucked out. I never got the chance to experience what Crescent was like in battle. Heck, I have never seen him before either.

My attention went back to the battle in front of me. Three out of many of our guild mates were out there. I frowned. “Where are the others then? I understand why Dust would want to wait for Crescent, but why are the others not helping those three out there?” After no answer came, I looked to my side to see my friend had a frown too.

When I looked at the battle again, I looked at the attackers. There were about ten of them, most of them I recognized from previous battles. I looked at my friend again and he shrugged, giving away the hint that he was going to join in the fight. We both charged into the scene.

“Let us help Tam! Ashen, to your side! Holan, use the other magic ability!” My friend yelled as we ran toward them. Four of the attackers turned toward us. They were about to attack us instead when a growl rumbled and reached our ears made them stop. A man came into our eyesight. Beside him, a tiger paced along.

“Dust should be out here and ready to fight,” I muttered. I finally saw the first glimpse of Crescent and his tiger.

“Agreed,” my friend said. Yet our guild leader, Dust, did not show up.

“Hello!” greeted the man. “I thought I might see how the ambush was going. I hope no one minds I want to challenge someone instead of, who is your guild master, Dust? I need some villains with a different story than his. Who wants to fight? The tiger is your choice to fight too,” Crescent said, somehow still sounding like a humble hero.

I thought about his offer. I knew I could not accept his challenge though. I needed all of my magic energy that is still regenerating from the last teleporting of the guild. I saw Crescent look at the five of us. I returned to my thoughts. Where am I going to teleport the guild this time? I was sure all the other guild camps were known to Crescent and his guild now. We had so few places left to go now. The mountains popped into my head. I did not like that idea, I would be too close to my past there. Yet, is my past so important to keep away that I would sacrifice the guild to keep it buried? Crescent had my attention again.

Crescent spoke after a steady silence, “Should I let Zilver be the one who decides who I fight with?” I looked at the other four. They were looking at each other too. Ashen looked like he wanted to step up, but I gave him a tiny no with my head. Ashen may be braver than most, however, he did not have great magic compared to everyone in the guild. Having Ashen against Crescent with his magic underdeveloped would be the end to Ashen. Crescent patted his tiger’s back and Zilver paced around Tam, Ashen, and Holan. For a second, I though Tam was going to be chosen. Tam would not surprise me; she was highly skilled with magic. Then, the tiger paced over to us. My friend tried his best not to be too nervous but he failed. I came next. Zilver slowly paced around me. I tried to not act nervous too. Suddenly, the tiger spoke, “This one here would be a good match.” I wished I had left before. Now I had to fight against the hero guild leader that I recently met. Not only was this terrible luck, but I was going to have to use magic, the one thing I cannot use.

My friend stepped in front of me. “I will fight you instead!” I heard him whisper to me, “Teleport the guild, now!”

The tiger growled. “Do you wish to fight me then?”

“I will only attack Crescent.”

“You will not attack him. This boy will be his opponent. If you do not like this, maybe you should have stepped in before.”

I felt bad for my friend. He tried to protect me; yet, his magic skills were not great as well. I focused on my magic. Dark swirls began to search out for guild mates. I loved the colour of my magic. The base colour was black, but red tinted through the black giving a relaxing or chilling feeling. As I found the others, I noticed they were also in battle themselves. A larger group with Dust was fighting among the most magic skilled people known to be in Crescent’s guild. Once I found everyone, I could hear Crescent giving an impressed whistle and saying, “He is getting prepped for battle, is he not?” Then, poof! Everyone in the guild had been officially moved to the mountain. I sat down, drained from all of the energy I had. I saw Crescent frown. “What did you do?”

“I moved my friends so we can continue to live!” I snapped back at him.

“That is too bad; I had hoped to obliterate everyone in your guild. Although, now I suppose they are?” He had confirmed that he knew where our camp locations were.

“Sorry to disappoint. I can make it up to you by giving you a fight. After all, you are bored.” I taunted back at him. I knew he was not happy.

“Where did you take them, sweet boy?” he asked. The other attackers were looking at me curiously.

“I am not sharing that information.”

“Oh well, we will find you guys again. So, do you want to challenge me or the tiger?”

“I will fight you, Crescent.” Crescent started the fight with a magic cast. His magic swirled around him too, with golden light. I willed the little strength I had to prepare whatever my opponent was going to do. An eagle soared from Crescent’s magic. I created a hawk in challenge. I also willed a fox into existence, however, Crescent brought out a cougar to challenge. I focused even more on my magic power, feeling it drain even more. I had one last trick. “I call you from your battle, great challenger of the past, and I ask you to be my partner in this battle. Hello, Claws of the Gash Clan!”

A man appeared from the magic pools. “You finally call for me, successor of my challenge?”

“Sorry for the long wait. I hope you will find Crescent worthy in reward for the wait.”

“He better be worth the wait,” scowled Claws. With that, he charged at Crescent. Crescent seemed to be mesmerized by Claws.

“Are you a necromancer?” Crescent asked.

“No,” I replied simply.

“You have amazing magic. It is sad that you are not a hero. You would make a great hero.”

I snorted. I had no interest in being a hero. They were not the sort of people that I would want to spend a lot of time around with. They would not be daring and fun as anti-heroes were. Sure, we do steal, be awesome, raid passing carts on the roads to towns. We could be villains at times, but we like to goof around and test the limits of what a guild mate is willing to do more than we are villains. Nothing is more fun than laugh at a poor soul who had gone pale at the dare. A dare that would make them wish they had not asked for the challenge.

I pooled the last bit of magic that I had. I knew it would be dangerous to continue using my magic with the energy almost gone, but I had to join the others in their new location. I could see Crescent dodging attacks from Claws. He held up well considering the power Claws had.

I teleport into a familiar cave filled by the guild.

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