8 Key Problems of Web Design for CrossFit Boxes that Firebreather Digital Solves

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Any day of the week, I’d be happy to put one of our websites up against our much more expensive competitors. Some web design for CrossFit providers may add a nice shade of lipstick to a rebuild for your gym but what we measure our success on is the success of our clients. Web design isn’t just what happens before your website launches. It affects you 3 years later, when you’re trying to figure out if you need a new website. It affects you every time someone decides not to buy from you because of out-of-date information. Or if you lose a sale because your site wasn’t properly designed for getting new members.

Here are the 10 key problems that Firebreather Digital solves.

Problem 1: Your website falls behind the times technologically and aesthetically, because your web designer doesn’t keep it updated

The monthly fee at Firebreather Digital includes keeping your website up to date, not only with new content but also with all technological changes. We are constantly working to update our designs and improve our technologies and when we have tested those improvements, we roll them out to all of our existing and new clients.

Problem 2: Your web designer knows little to nothing about the business of a gym

A gym’s website shouldn’t be like most eCommerce websites or brochure websites that you’ve seen. The people who are visiting your site know generally what they are looking for, want more information about how you provide for that and want to know how they can get involved. We also know that potential new members don’t want to be intimidated when they land on your page so imagery of hand stand push ups or muscle ups or heavy snatches and backsquats isn’t the best way to lay out the welcome mat.

We know how to structure websites the correct way and also how to sell to your potential and existing members. We make our process as easy as possibly so that you don’t have to figure all of that out. Follow our specifications which help you create an excellent logo and take incredible photos.

Problem 3: Your web designer is too busy chasing work and building websites to know what actually works. Instead, they just focus on following design trends.

You know those pretty slideshows of pictures at the top of a lot of websites that you see today? They’re called carousels. If you do a search in google around carousels, you will pretty quickly learn that carousels hurt sales. However, most web designers continue to use them, often because their customers want them. Why did the designer not tell the customer that this isn’t the best practice for driving their bottom line? Because web designers are exactly that, designers, and they are not marketers.

Problem 4: Your web designer gets paid by new business, not maintenance. So making simple changes is like pulling teeth.

The average web designer is typically out chasing new clients or working on new builds and doesn’t spend a lot of time working on updates and maintenance that needs to be handled on existing sites that they have built.

With Firebreather Digital, those changes and updates are included as part of your monthly fee. Because we aren’t a 1–2 person shop, we are able to dedicate a member of our team to be able to handle your requests instead of having it just go into a queue with all of our other clients.

Problem 5: Because web designers design different, unique layouts each time, they have no idea what actually works for YOUR customers.

Many website designers will charge enormous fees on top of the original design fee for doing things like A-B testing where they line up 2 versions of the same page and see which converts better. Our pages are built using proven, tested methods. Creativity and lip stick are nice but not when it comes to your business’s website, your most important outward-facing asset.

We use tested templates for our Firebreather Digital clients so that we are able to capitalize on the greatest amount of benefit for each of our clients based on proven techniques and methods. This also ensures that we are standardizing our testing across all browsers, iOS devices and Android devices. This way we are able to drive down cost to you and drive up organic conversion opportunities.

Problem 6: Your website isn’t built for mobile.

Have you checked your website analytics lately? Our typical customer gets 50%+ of their traffic on mobile devices. There is a good chance you are reading this post on some type of mobile device right now. A website that is not-optimized for mobile you are just giving money to your competitors.

All of our customers receive a mobile-optimization score of at least 98/100 from Google.

Problem 7: Your web designers cheap web hosting is costing you membership sales

Google has started impacting the search engine rankings for websites based on speed. Speed has a tremendous impact on user experience and can have a substantial impact on how you are able to convert potential new members. Most web designers are not even aware of Google’s Pagespeed Insights, let alone able to optimize for their requirements. Our customers’ websites have seen steady improvements on Google’s metrics since we launched, and we’re not stopping there.

Rather than having some cheap hosting provider, we manage your hosting for you and it is included in your monthly fee. We are constantly working to optimize our hosting so that your potential and existing clients are getting the best possible service.

Problem 8: Your website doesn’t work properly for Google Adwords or SEO

We are constantly updating and improving all of the sites on our system. This practice allows, not only us but, our clients to stay up to date with the ongoing internal structural changes that are considered best practices around Google Adwords and search engine optimization.

Wrapping Up

We say that we build websites that compete because we know that the market for boxes and gyms is getting more complex and competitive every day. We are constantly researching and testing to see what the best methods for improving memberships sales are and we make that our primary focus and priority when we are developing and updating websites. If you are interested in learning more about our process, please add your name and email in the form below.

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Wes King is the Founder of Firebreather Digital, a digital strategist, marketing advisor and communications and PR professional.

Originally published at firebreatherdigital.com on March 21, 2016.

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