Fallout 4 Diary, Day 2

I return to the nuclear wasteland wiser. More prepared. And determined to not build a settlement.

Between day one and day two, I did what any business professional would do. I spend half a day at work scouring the internet for Fallout 4 tips and tricks. Okay maybe it was a whole day. Don’t judge me, monkey!!!

I learned that while I did miss a few things in the museum segment, it should be all ok. I also learned that i needed to immediately go back to the gas station I left the power armor at and yank the fusion core out of it before it got stolen. And that settlements are hugely time consuming and not entirely necessary so don’t do it.

As soon as I logged in, I fast traveled away from whatever mess I’d left myself in, and yanked the core out of my not yet stolen suit. Then I WANTED to fast travel back to the Corgeva plant buuuut…. ok, so I didn’t stop day 1 in Sanctuary like I implied I did. Becasue I was ashamed. I tried to tackle the Corvega plant and got SO dead, I stopped there with intent to go right back to Sanctuary next time I play and make a better plan. So back to day 2 and how I thought about fast traveling right back into the angry death that awaited me and Dogmeat, but I thought maybe instead I should figure out the crafting thing, modify some weapons and my armor, and THEN go back to the death.

That’s how it started.

Just a little crafting. I need one of these, some of those…well….I have enough stuff to make a defensive stand at the bridge, which might help if I need to leave stuff there, you know? And well, someone has to man it. And that someone has to eat…. and goddamnit I built a settlement.

Two and a half hours later, my settlement was in the happy green, and I was on my way back to Plant. Where I was promptly killed by the turret at the front door more times than I care to admit, until finally I just rushed the doors, leaving all external enemies alive. It was about now I realized the value of saving. As I had to re-do the entire area because I’d forgotten to save. Twice. But I was FINALLY able to kill a turret, which if you saw any of my many deaths you would know is kind of a big deal.

That one area took close to 3 hours, so I decided to end it there. Honestly this time, I really did just go back to sanctuary, talk to the Minute Guy, and quit for the night.